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Jessica Santander

Blessed, Thankful, and Making It Happen Tote Bag

$44.00 USD

We all know that our goals and visions are always evolving and, in today's age, the possibilities are infinite with where we can take ourselves throughout our goal-getting journey! From your day-time job to your new evening side-hustle, a course, trip to the local library..., this limited-edition Tote Bag is your goal-getter accessory statement celebrating your everyday steps forward. Go ahead and embrace your inner queen-CEO mindset as you crush those goals with your new favorite tote bag. :)
*fun fact: tote bag is large enough to carry your agenda, notepad, pens, wallet, and small laptop... just about everything you'd need for your on-the-go days
Hand-made with love in the USA
Tote Bag is made from a natural color linen/polyester blend fabric
Eco-friendly with natural fiber materials
The measure is  approximately 15x15