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Meet Our Founder

It's more than just jewelry.
Pick that chin up, accessorize from your imagination and express your story, your passion with your world! You love to live life abundantly, but you've experienced hardships and rejections that have held you back from discovering what more you can do with your life.


I know that feeling, I've been in your shoes, not just once, not just twice, but several times. My name is Jessica, Founder and Designer of lifestyle jewelry brand, Jessica Santander, also formerly known as Project Moment Designs. I understand what it's like to hit rock bottom and fear that there's no more opportunities to start again or to even move forward, and this is why I started my jewelry brand. I wanted to re-discover what creating a life with impact meant and felt like. Growing up, I've held utmost fascination with colors of life, my cultural roots from Brazil and Colombia, and innate beauty of fearless women who are challenging the status quo. With a deep passion for theatre and the fashion indsutry, I want to create and share the goodness that this indsutry has to offer and this aspiration of mine is inspired by the sacrifices and life lessons from my parents (one of which mirrors their bravery for leaving their home countries at 18 years of age to have the means of providing educational opportunities for their family). As such, I believe that life and humanity is grounded on connections and making a difference however way we can and, with our jewelry pieces, we are comitted to improving our corner of the world.


One can say that my journey as a jewelry designer started ever since I was a little girl. From ensuring I had the complete Jasmine costume for Halloween (especially the accessories) to putting together my own #outfitoftheday with my mother's closet and surprising my mom when she got home, my heart has always been enlightened by the power jewelry has to express our story and chapter in the making. Yet, it wasn't until going through a series of rejections, more like almost 2 years of closed doors of trying to find a full time job upon graduation and then feeling incomplete after landing a role in Digital Marketing, that I decided to make the change I wanted to see in my life and give this forever flaming passion a chance to live. Honoring the raw, personalized magic of jewelry and blending together South American cultural aesthetics with whimsical colors create our unique jewelry designs that will have you feeling young at soul and wholeheartedely inspired to create the journey of your dreams. With our designs, you'll feel a renewed sense of optimism, a fresh perspective to writing a novel story that you've dreamed of with limitless ambitions, and even more important, with great belief in yourself!