Giving Back

Honoring the beauty and power in kindness and humbleness, our brand is actively involved in giving back both to our local community and beyond. Take a look below to see what organizations we're collectively supporting :



handmade jewelry with a purpose that gives back for women and girls

Jessica Santander has partnered up with non-profit,

InHerShoes Movement, where 1% of total proceeds actively supports

the mission of catalyzing courage for women and girls globally to

live and create courageously. 

pink ribbon bracelets that give back

Jessica Santander also supports Making Strides of Tampa Bay, an organization

providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer

through early detection, education and support services.

15% of purchase price from our Pink Ribbon Collection will be

donated to this organization. Join us in supporting the fight against

Breast Cancer. Visit our collection here.


Our story

Jessica Santander jewelry brand meet our founder

It's more than just jewelry.

One small step can lead to great results and the idea that the sky is just the begining brings forth a novel sense of joy. You love to live life abundantly, but you've experienced hardships and rejections that have held you back from discovering what more you can do with your life.


I know that feeling, I've been in your shoes, not just once, not just twice, but several times. My name is Jessica, Founder and Designer of lifestyle jewelry brand, Jessica Santander.

I understand what it's like to hit rock bottom and fear that there's no more opportunities to start again or to even move forward, and this is why I started my jewelry brand. I wanted to re-connect with my life-long passion for the beauty of fashion with a positive impact. Growing up, I've held utmost fascination with colors of life, my cultural roots from Brazil and Colombia, and innate wander of fearless women who are challenging the status quo.

One can say that my journey as a jewelry designer started ever since I was a little girl. From ensuring I had the complete Jasmine costume for Halloween (especially the accessories) to putting together my own #outfitoftheday with my mother's closet , my heart has always been enlightened by the power jewelry has to express our story and chapter in the making. I found our company with a passion to bring forth this new sense of inspiration for all women to re-imagine our daily joy as our very own vibrant luxury to claim.

With our jewelry , you'll feel a renewed sense of optimism, and even more important, with vibrant joy celebrating your journey!