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Jessica Santander

Ayla Tourmaline in Gold Earrings

$55.00 USD

She's simple, elegant, and effortlessly tells your story of continuous grace and new hope to look forward to. Intentionally designed to be a dainty statement, the Ayla earrings are your everyday way to be playful while also being fearless in joy. Dress up your day with your Ayla Tourmaline earrings for any occasion, even if that looks like taking yourself out for a delightful cup of coffee at your favorite cafe. Genuine tourmaline makes each piece unique.
*fun fact: Tourmaline helps in grounding one's emotions and protection of purpose and path
Hand-made with love in the USA
Sparkled with 6mm 14kt gold-filled earring stud
Ships with eco-friendly tissue paper 
Please handle with TLC