3 Ways to Shine in Summer Jewelry and Live Out A Renewed Summer Bucket List

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Bright blue skies, glowing yellow sunshine, and the vivacious songs colored by nature itself- summer is a season that deserves a special place in our hearts and is to be relished to the fullest.

Though the “new normal” may still feel a bit unfamiliar and, quite frankly, entirely different for many of us, adjusting to such changes can still allow for summer to shine its own beauty upon us, and in even more exuberant ways than we can have ever imagined it to do so! Below we’ve shared our favorite 3 ways you and your loved ones can create and live out a sensational, fabulous summer bucket list!

Get ready for bountiful sparkles of inspiration!


Top 3 Ways to Shine With Exuberant Summer Jewelry And Live Out A Renewed Bucket List:

  1. Seize the moment for new laughter in the sunshine!

It’s well known how the beauty of the sun instantly uplifts one’s mood and overall mental health. The positive yellow aesthetic that glows from the summer months is one to relish abundantly and as much as we can throughout our days ahead. In fact, as this season comes with its longer days, there exist bountiful opportunities for us all partake in fueling our moments with sunshine joy. Already have planned family gatherings to take place at your home? How about inviting your loved ones for an evening walk after dinner or even taking your chats to an outdoor area of the home and feeling the wondrous touch of the sun bring out even more laughter from such family events?!? The list of ideas can expand beyond, but what matters is the opportunity to nurture those moments with your loved ones as much as you can. After all, these summer days and nights can showcase how the smallest of things make the best of memories to laugh and smile at.


  1. Begin a new hobby dedicated to your well-being!

No matter where we may be in life, the start of a new season holds so many valuable opportunities for everyone to better themselves, their mind, and overall wellbeing. Has there been a new hobby you’ve been desiring to practice out? What about a change in your morning routine? Or even the chance of starting a new workout plan? Celebrate the summer months ahead by gifting yourself one of the best gifts from life- the gift of self-care and health. Starting out a new hobby is fun and shouldn’t have to feel rigid- allow yourself to be excited to try out something new, even if this means a small footstep forward. These small, big wins can reflect a moment where you started out your morning with a fresh warm cup of water and lemon rather than heading to Instagram. Major life-changing and beautiful habits all begin with just that one action taken. You deserve to do so and your health will thank you every day!

  1. Reflect the joy of summer bliss with intentional sparkles!

Now, as the uplifting and femme-powerful jewelry brand that we are, we, of course, have to also share along the encouragement to dress up your summer runway with the sparkles of joy that will empower you to feel and be ever so fabulous as you ought to! From an exuberant sunshine yellow color palette of Swarovski crystals to unleash your greatest positive mindset (Such as these bracelets) to dainty, mixed imperial pattern gemstones to serve as your reminder of how wonderful it is to be different and to be your own artist (such as these earrings), our jewelry exists to bring out that raw, special touch of extraordinary sparkles of delight for you, your dreams and life project in the making! And, who knows?!? You may even get stopped wherever you go with compliments of how vividly fab your girl boss statement is!


We hope you feel even more inspired to make the most out of this summer with joy and gratitude radiating from your heart! Let us know what other ways you’ll be living out your fabulous summer bucket list in the comments below!

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Keep shining and own the moment!


Project Moment Designs!

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  • Denise Ciancioso

    Although in South Florida many of my favorite places are still closed, I really enjoyed experiencing our recent Sunsets with the magical “Sahara Dust” effect!

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