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This month of May, our PMD family is so excited to introduce you to our new rockstar of the month spotlight, Cameron! Beyond having an immense beautiful heart of giving back to the Tampa Bay community, Cameron is a fierce woman who will certainly be motivational energy for you to push yourself and grow outside your limits! 


Take a scroll below to learn just why this PMD rockstar is making waves in Tampa and beyond!
Rockstar spotlight:


Just when I thought 2018 was my year, 2019 came in to show me that I was in for so much more! At 21 I realized my passion for animals and became a certified veterinary assistant. My very first job in the animal industry was at my local humane society cleaning kennels. 
 But then life brought me on a journey both inside and outside of the animal industry. With the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, my life was completely turned upside down and I couldn’t work anymore. After years of medications, walking with a cane, and the use of CBD oil I was able to enter the workforce again! So I started looking for what my heart was begging me to get back into, the world of animal rescue! It’s where I felt the most at home and like I was making the most impact.
In February of 2018 I became the assistant dog trainer at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. At first, my job was fairly simple, but as the months went on I was given more and more responsibilities. Now my job not only includes running playgroups for shelter dogs, but I now perform behavioral assessments. I also implement different forms of enrichment to dogs to make their lives more comfortable in the shelter, and I teach obedience classes. 
And just when I didn’t think it could get any better, I took a position on the board of advisors for the Team Godwin Foundation which benefits various animal and children’s organizations! 
If you don’t know what imposter syndrome is, look it up, because ya girl was suffering from it hard!
But through it all, one of the things that made me feel so confident in myself and my knowledge, has been wearing my PMD stack! Something about the gold lava beads just make me shine from the inside out!
2019 is going to continue to be my year as I plan on becoming a certified dog behavior consultant, and start a website about animal behavior. And I look forward to kicking serious a$$ the rest of the year and beyond with my PMD pieces!
A huge high-five to this rockstar for sharing her incredible story and being a trailblazer with such tenacious energy! We're rooting for you, Cameron, and can't wait to see you accomplish all and beyond!
To learn more about Cameron, hop on over to her Instagram profile at:


  • Jim

    I’ve known Cameron a long time. With each new step comes a little bit more self-confidence. She’s intense, she’s opinionated (usually right), and she loves her animals. I’m proud to be her Dad.

  • Jesica

    I have had the honor of meeting and working with Cameron and she truly is a Rockstar! So much positivity radiates from her. It’s great to know that her beautiful personality is not only blessing the lives around her but also the furry lives too!!!

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