Own The Moment: The Beginning

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 Here we are, the beginning of something magical, beautiful, and most importantly, the beginning of crafting our very own Project Moment Design rockstar community of strong women! With this community, we aspire to unite and lift each other up through words of encouragement, motivation, and certainly boundaryless confidence. 

The first step towards anything new is always scary, intimidating, yet, such a feeling and experience may very well be the direction we need to head to in an effort to discover just how amazingly strong and capable we truly are! Take for instance the launch of our company as an example. The moment that helped us realize what we can bring to this world was shaped more out of faith in the unknown, than with doubts,  what-if's., can't'... Such negative thoughts and energy only serve as distractions, and the best way to utilize such obstacles is to transform them into an even greater boost of momentum to just do it and move forward! 

When such a mindset is created, magical things truly happen: your environment unfolds all the limitless ways to make an impact with your very own talents, positivity further strengthens your action plan, and your heart leaps in over-flowing excitement with what's to be created!

We couldn't be more excited to cultivate and grow this community with our PMD girl squad and we look forward to all the dashing confidence making dreams come true! 

Scroll below to gain a glimpse into the areas around South Tampa that inspire us to own the moment with gratitude & joy! 


Coffee shop at Tampa, Fl


Chocolate Mocha from Buddy Brew in Tampa, FL


Hyde Park Village Tampa, FL


Snow Circle in Hyde Park Village Tampa,FL

 Location: Hyde Park Village, Tampa, FL

1 comment

  • Fefa Rocha

    I’m so happy to be part of this exciting community! Your words are truly inspiring! You go, girl! xoxo

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