Modern Day Women Spotlight on Alexia from Tampa Bay

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Our girl gang is so so excited to re-introduce our friends, family, and community to the Modern Day Women Spotlight Series with a purpose to bring you everyday stories of everyday women who are just as passionate as we are with uplifting others through the magic we all uniquely create. 

This month, we are honored to showcase the story of Alexia, a storyteller, HSN Host, and CEO of The Gala Group! Let's get to meet this rockstar modern day lady!

Can you tell us about your journey and what has led to you where you are today?

I was born and raised in Miami where I lived for the majority of my life prior to moving to St. Pete! Upon moving, I felt a connection to the area knew I wanted to become part of the creative fiber of this incredibly dynamic community.

As far as I can remember, I’ve carried a deep love for the arts, having started acting, singing and writing at a young age. Musical theater led me to acting in English and Spanish soap operas, commercials, and television shows, along with entertainment reporting. My experiences on-camera eventually shifted to music, recording a pop single with Sony music.

After spending years focusing on music and television, I put performance on hold to pursue my Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing / Master’s in Media and Communication Studies at Florida State University. During school breaks, I would spend time traveling and writing and eventually merged my skill in media studies with my passion for exploring and kicked-off a career in travel public relations and marketing. I also met my now fiancé during this time.

My career in hospitality PR took off and allowed me to travel the world for major hotel and lifestyle clients, coordinating hotel openings, press trips, major celebrity events, and brand activations. I also made my way back to hosting, representing clients on television and syndicated radio and rediscovering my love for working on-air.

I left Miami for the coastal quaintness of St. Pete and felt compelled to follow my passions for creating full-time upon arriving. I expanded my blog and digital platform ,The Gala Life and was able to jump back into hosting on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). I left my job of more than five years (and somewhat of a comfort zone) to try a more artistic full-time as the social media manager at The Dalí Museum (my favorite artist). Fun fact, The Gala Life was named after Dali’s wife, Gala Dalí.

After an incredible experience at the museum,
I finally took the biggest leap, putting my expertise, skills and proven result-driven efforts in public relations and digital marketing to work for myself with the founding of The Gala Group, an integrated communications firm, specializing in campaigns that spark conversations. We streamline stories, curate content, and create experiences designed to position brands to target key audiences and stand out of the crowded party.

I’m currently able to balance my boutique agency with my passion for exploring, content creating, and host work. I even got to pick up acting again with small roles in films and television shows filming in Tampa Bay. I even got to work in a reality show with my family (can’t wait to share more on that). Because I took a chance on myself, I’m finally at the place in life where I feel like I have what I’ve always worked towards and am on the path for even greater achievements than I could’ve imaged.

What does success look or feel like to you on your own terms?

Success on my own terms, which I know feels like I’m finally experiencing for the first time, feels like the ability to shine my light brightly without inhibition. I get to prioritize my passion projects while working with clients of my choosing and following opportunities that bring me joy. For instance, I recently got to dive back into television and film work because I know have the capability to do so.

I love the fact that I get to wake up everyday excited for what’s to come. Will I be hosting? Creating? Writing? Either I get to communicate and connect and inspire others around me, in that’s what makes me the happiest,

Also the ability to balance work and life in a totally new way. Having worked in corporate marketing since college, the ability to not have to request PTO (especially now that I’m planning my wedding) is just truly one of the best feelings.


What’s 1 piece of advice you’d pass along to our youth, be it goal-getting advice, mental health, women in business…etc.

JUST GO FOR IT! Whatever it is that ignites your passions or what you’ve had your sights set on, aim for it and start shooting because there’s no time like the present. You’ll only regret it the longer you wait. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and push out of your comfort zone. Just think about it like what’s the worst that can happen? If you fall, you get up, pivot, and try again. Even the worst gut-wrenching rejection can be the greatest redirection in disguise.


Finally, what is your favorite empowering Jessica Santander jewelry sparkle and why?

- I am OBSESSED with every piece but especially in love with the Isabella gold multi earrings at the moment! They match literally everything in my wardrobe and elevate any outfit to an entirely new level.

So many mic-drops shared just from this spotlight feature, right?! Thank you, Alexia, for creating a space for inspiration to shine through your words and passion! Next steps, let's connect more with Alexia at @TheGalaLife on Instagram!

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  • Zsuzsika

    I am so proud of you seen you growing up to the women you have became. Continue thriving. Love you ❤️ 😘🎉🎉🎉

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