2019: The Year of Setting & Living Out The Best Intentions

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What more of a better reason to rejoice than with that fresh deep breath in the new year?!? The beginning of something new is always a thrilling, exhilarating feeling to experience, even more so when this something new is an ENTIRELY new year waiting to unfold before our very own eyes! Mirroring a novel chapter, the kickoff of 2019 signifies many different messages to us all. For some, it may mean a new promise to oneself, while for others, the new year may symbolize a blank book to write with new, impactful changes. Whichever way we may choose to view the new year, one thing is certain: our intentions attract what we ask of the universe. 


With our Project Moment Designs rock-star community, we aim to be that foundation of crafting and living out the best intentions for you to flourish in the new year. We definitely know that all of this is much easier said than done, but we also 100% believe that a simple small step is all it takes to lead yourself to where you aspire to be and who you aim to be. With the immense universe that we live in, there's room for everyone and for every dream, so why not choose to live this new day of 2019 with a "yes, I can" mindset?!? Even better, write down this affirmation in your agenda, notebook, mobile phone, anywhere and read it to yourself every morning! Trust us, this daily practice of self-confidence and love will pay it forward! 

Keep reading below for the 5 best words-of-advice coming from our rock-star role model, our mother, and seek to implement these throughout your day!


1. Your dreams are worthy enough in this universe, trust yourself for there's a reason you have this unique dream. 

2. Write all your goals down and set that date to make it happen! Accountability is everything!

3. Set your intentions to choose to be happy, the rest will flow from this decision.

4. Believe, believe, and believe. Even if you fall, believe there's a bigger, better, more beautiful blessing out there for you.

5. Be present. There's nothing more invaluable and precious than the present moment and your presence to make a difference.

Remember PMD rock-stars, for each new day of this new year, own the moment with that optimistic mindset and get that foot-step forward! 


Cheers to creating a remarkable 2019! 

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  • Stephanie

    2019 is the year of accountability for me! Thank you for inspiring me!

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