Why We Celebrate With You The Annual Pumpkin Spice Love Bracelet

Cue the Taylor Swift ultimate fall song with august and the aisles inside Michaels being filled with our favorite fall candles and décor, there's something about the beginning of fall and end of summer that's always held a treasured place in my heart. Growing up in the North East and now living in Florida, the memories bring out an even deeper appreciation for the chances to spend those fresh autumn days with family and friends. There's no denying, I've always been a fall girl at heart simply for the bountiful opportunities to express and live out the warmth of autumn. Hence, the fascination with pumpkin everything and those hayride photos with the crew naturally gave way to a very special annual tradition with our small business. One can think of our Pumpkin Spice Love Bracelet tradition as making up part of our brand's foundation to living out loud our joy as colorfully as possible. 

So, as this time of year marks our 3rd year anniversary to celebrating Pumpkin Spice and Pumpkin Love everything with our specially designed bracelet, here are 3 reasons we celebrate this coveted tradition with you!

  • Our famous Pumpkin Spice Love Bracelet marks, for many of our customers, the first touch-point, the first purchase, the first big warm smile with our small business. It can never be overstated how each order and rave review brings a whole sensation of happiness to us, and just as much, the first time we get to meet our rockstars. You bet that we certainly remember those whose Pumpkin Spice Love Bracelet was their very first order from us and this is simply priceless! 
  • Yes, autumn is known for changes, and with seasonal changes comes new beginnings. The magic, though, lies in the very vibrancy of details that makes autumn and pumpkin season as simply one of the most wondrous times of the year. Here, our Pumpkin Spice Love Bracelet is that treasured gem to uplift your fall joy and relish every detail, even new ones, this season. 
  • Probably one of the most precious reasons we celebrate with you is how the designing of this bracelet takes us back to memory lane where those pumpkin pie dishes at home shared with the family is once again so vivid in the heart. Past warm memories in harmony with happiness for what's ahead in this new season embodies the magical energy within each Pumpkin Spice Bracelet from us to you. 

What are some of the wondrous reasons you celebrate Pumpkin Spice season? Share with us in the comments and then head to our Bracelets page to shop our new Pumpkin Spice Love Bracelet! 



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