Why A Mindset Getaway Is Necessary: A Mid-Summer Reflection

July has certainly arrived faster than expected as we head past the half year mark and recall all our bucket list goals from the new year. Yet, there's a beauty in all this progression of time; as how the famous quote goes by: Time flies never to be recalled. This particular train of thought reflects the theme of our new blog post for this month, specifically how we can make the most of the fast pace of time. 

Keep reading below to find out why and how a quick mini trip into the sunset helped our founder regain a greater sense of peace.


How a Quick Getaway From The Routine Shapes a Greater Mindset:

The days, weeks, and months that have led us to this moment in July have profoundly shaped our small business and overall perspective on ways to further enhance our mission as a women empowering jewelry brand. Throughout this season, patience has been a quality that has showed up more and more frequently, asking to be nurtured in subtle ways, and as the "go-go-go" mindset that we are guilty of living by, the act of being still with patience is often difficult to embrace (at least for us!). Yet, the start of July took on a rather harmonious beginning that encouraged us to align our excitement for this new chapter towards a state of serenity. Our founder, Jessica, is one to stay late in the production office brainstorming of ways and opportunities to take that new step forward for our brand and community. As a way to try something entirely new, we decided to take a mini getaway for our mindset and see a sunset. This decision has perhaps been the one of the best as the entire experience of seeing such a miracle created was entirely rejuvenating. 

From the soft, cool breeze coming from the ocean waves to the colorfully golden sky, life's vivid blessings have its own magical impact that heals us beyond wonder.

To seize the moment and the summer season, let's all step outside our comfort zone and do something for ourselves that's also calming for our mind. How about we call this self-promise our "Mini Getaway for a Greater Mindset"?! 

What getaway will you commit to? A weekly visit with the sunset or sunrise? A power nap in the evening outside in your backyard? A daily stargazing moment with a loved one? 

However this looks to you, rest assured that this self-promise for a greater mindset will open up your journey to an abundant sense of peace, gratitude, and confidence, and what's not to love about all this?! 

Let us know what getaways you'll be doing throughout the summer in the comments below! 

Happy summer, rockstars! 

P.S. Take a look below at one of the moments we decided to do a quick getaway, along with a colorful mix of our bracelet stacks! :)

summer bracelet stacks with gemstones


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