What it looks and feels like to be a serial entrepreneur; Modern Day Women Spotlight with Lauren Schwec

One thing that continues to inspire me is the relentless ways today's modern day women are showing up and creating a life of their dreams on their own terms. I remember interviewing several women entrepreneurs for college projects and becoming mesmerized by both their story of success and courage that's paved a path and made a difference in their corner of the world. Now with our jewelry brand, the inspiration is even deeper when we cross paths with women re-defining what success is for them, which leads us to this month's Modern Day Women Spotlight with Lauren Schwec. Get to meet this Tampa-based serial entrepreneur and her advice for others wanting to build up their dream empire!

Modern Day Women Spotlight with Lauren Schwec

Can you tell us about your journey and what has led to you where you are today?

I identify as a serial entrepreneur, with one idea always leading to the next! I began my journey in design and social media when I started my company Social Curation in 2015, from there I started dabbling in my personal page as a blogger and creator @laurenschwec. As that grew and became a business of its own, I recognized a hole in the local market for local influencer partnerships so I designed and developed what is now my newest project, Social Curation Collabs, an iSO app. 

What does success look or feel like to you on your own terms?

Success to me is the freedom to create, work and play on my own time. 

What’s 1 piece of advice you’d pass along to our youth, be it goal-getting advice, mental health, women in business…etc.

Don't get distracted by what others are doing around you, focus on your goals, help others whenever you can, and be consistent in all you do. 

Finally, what is your favorite empowering Jessica Santander jewelry sparkle and why?

The Jessica Santander Maria Smile Necklace. It brings me so much joy, it's a fun piece that reminds everyone to sparkle and smile!  

gold-filled-smile charm necklace handmade by Jessica Santander

Lauren goes to show that the sky is just the beginning when it comes to the array of chances that life gives us in living out our imagination, creativity, and pure passion! Let's continue the conversation and follow Lauren along with her platforms! Take a look below and may Lauren's story be your reminder to not let distractions or outside noise dim your sparkle! 

Social Curation: www.socialcuration.studio 

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