What Is The Message Behind Our Little Yellow Ribbon?

Our little yellow ribbon: the little detail to our PMD brand, yet the continuous impact on our PMD community. 


For those who are new, familiarizing themselves with our brand and vision, our team is delighted to share a tad bit more about Project Moment Designs. Complimentary to the wearable reminders with our jewelry for you to own your moment, one of our signature brand pillars stems from our little yellow ribbon entailed into our color palette and packaging. With this optimistic, enlightening color, the PMD brand takes our vision one step further through a tangible reminder to unleash your imagination and self-love- the yellow ribbon. 

Curious to learn the various ways to use our yellow ribbon? Take a look below for a list of ideas to help you to live each day with powerfully optimistic thoughts and gratitude!


3 Ways To Use and Love Our Yellow Ribbon:

1. Welcome the new day with that goal-getting mindset by tying our yellow ribbon around the first doorknob you open; when you open this door, envision yourself discovering a new opportunity to build your dreams!

2. Decorate your favorite pen/pencil used for your daily goal settings with our yellow ribbon; doing so shall serve as a constant reminder to see the goodness that is flourishing from your dedication and tenacious efforts!

3. Use our yellow ribbon as your bookmark in your favorite journal and/or novel as a vividly, warm reminder to keep nourishing your mind with a rich imagination that all is possible for you!

Ready to rock your PMD yellow ribbon?!? Share with us how you're rocking it on social media by tagging us in your photo! 

Cheers to owning the moment each day in gratitude and belief, rockstars!

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