Welcome, Beautiful 2022! A New Year's Blog Post

Hello and welcome, darling 2022! What does the number 2022 mean to you? How are you to envision this new year as your greatest self? As I write this blog post, there's a moment of deep breath simply reflecting the gratitude and excitement of walking from an eventful, go-go-go mode of 2021 and into a clean state of this new year.

Rather than sharing a new year's reflections and bucket list goal of a blog post style, I'm here to share with you a short, but very much heartwarming , message. You see, throughout December 2021, I experienced a fast-speed rollercoaster where I wanted to do it all, putting myself in my own race to get as much done as possible. Was there a wake-up call? Of course, but in a beautiful way where I've been able to connect and re-connect with fellow friends and myself. I feel as if the last few weeks have been an opening curtain to a fresh new light for the essence of grace to shine in 2022. And as I believe that goodness learned should be shared, here's a sweet little note for you and all the goals you have for your personal and professional story: 

Be patient with yourself and through this patience, allow the timing to provide greater clarity and energy into what you are good at, into what brings you joy. Stay focused, soak up each season to the fullest, and remember, we don't have to do it all at once, because what's the fun in that? 

Do you have a power word that you've already chosen to guide you into the new year? I'd love to know! Share along in the comments below!

P.S. Our creative energy is already working up something new, something super special to introduce to our current collections! Keep your eyes open to know when and where it's all happening!

Wishing you and your loved ones a fabulous, extra dazzling 2022!



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