Waves of Grace: The songs of spring from Project Moment Designs

Spring is finally here and we couldn't be any more excited to share in the warm beginning of when an awakening of the mind, body, and soul takes place! 

For our PMD brand and family, this bright season is a cherished time not only because of the launch of Waves of Grace, but also of the chance to share even further the precious moments that brought us all closer together in creating this collection. From the awe-inspiring touch points of life's vivid hues to the blossoming energy felt from nature's harmony, this season is all about empowering the light of our dreams! 


Spring 2019 blog post jewelry collection in Tampa, Fl

The meaning behind our spring collection, Waves of Grace, stems from the awakening of all things renewed. Such vibration radiates clarity and balanced energy to embrace a new direction, decision, and/or perspective. In a quick glance, spring showcases moments of growth from grace and new chances, reminding us that we, too, are capable of crafting a remarkably stronger version of ourselves. The strength to unleash our very own waves of grace already lies within us- it's our whole being to make that decision to believe this and write our own song of spring! May our meaningful designs be that wearable reminder for you to own the moment with spring’s blessings! 


What new direction will you pave this new season? Write down that goal and share with us! 



Cheers, rockstars!




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