Unleashing A Revived Joy at Universal Orlando Studios!

There's a common phrase going around: what a year! 2020 has certainly been a year in the books, but we share this in a positive light as we truly believe in seeing the goodness that has shaped up this year. For instance, the goodness in seeing from our very own community moments of love between family and friends being re-created in memorable ways has moved us in words beyond what we've ever imagined! Our small business and sparkles truly are glowing stronger than ever before because of such inspiration from the human spirit of life and love!

Spotting a theme here? Well, this month's femme-power blog post is dedicated to the remarkable energy that is so raw and precious, that only life itself is the source to it all. Still wondering what we're talking about?! :)

We're referencing to the resilient wonder created in a harmonized, collaborative spirit by the human connection! More specifically, the joy that is born again in everyday surroundings, especially this year! Keep reading below to take a trip with us to somewhere forever wondrous!

Unleashing A Revived Joy at Universal Orlando Studios (Along with joy-filled sparkles embodying our journey that day)!


A few weeks ago, our Founder and family went on an impromptu trip to Universal Studios Orlando after a deep desire to experience what it feels to breathe and just be (while smiling endlessly too!). After almost 8 months since visiting Universal, the joy lived and re-lived was beyond words! There was simply a magical feeling (and much appreciated one) of coming together with strangers from across the globe and enjoying in good company the imaginative and creative experience created by this special place and its employees. The highlight of that day was one that came from a new attraction show where everyone in the crowd cheered and clapped for the hero- a, powerful united energy where we all came together and felt simply happy- and trust us when we say that this good feeling was well-appreciated! 

So, what does this powerful, exciting moment mean to us all? 

From this trip, the world and a darling gift of the human spirit showed us just how beautiful it is to share a good moment of laughter with others. Whether that's a comedy t.v. series with your family and laughing endlessly or playing a board game that brings back that childhood imagination, the truth is, the world is showing us the boundaryless ways we can all connect in good harmony. 


Don't forget to let us know in the comments below and/or via DM on our Instagram page here how you'll create your harmonized moments in joy and good laughter from here onward! 


P.S. Wondering what more highlights we have to share from this magical day and the particular gemstones and sparkle bracelet stacks we took along for our Universal trip?

Take a look below for all the fun details!

Jade gemstone bracelet stack handmade in Florida

As pictured, we hand-selected the Blossoming Flower Jade and Bold & Beautiful Metallic Bracelets for the in-present reminder to grow through all that is experienced from this day!

jewelry blog post about magical energy from universal studios orlando

A heart-warming cheer to the sunset at Universal Studios

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