The Story Behind Our Self-Love Collection

With the month of February rolling in, love is in the air, Hershey kisses are displayed everywhere you go, and a love letter of thanks may also be shared from special souls in your life. What’s even more magical of this distinct month is the reminder of the essence in taking care of your heart. Earlier this month, we hosted an interactive Instagram poll on what actions of self-love our community will implement more of this year. The results not only delighted our hearts, but also brought a new version of love to light- this new reveal mirrored the growing attention to more grace and peace for thy self and mentality.

The theme of self-care, thus, serves as the foundation behind our latest collection: The Self-Love Celebration Collection, and we’re taking you on a deep dive as to what helped bring together our newest designs and story.

Keep scrolling below to read about what, how, and why our newest designs are a glistening reflection of love for thyself.

The Story Behind our Self-Love Celebration Collection


Say it out loud: I am enough, I am deserving of what I dream of, I am limitless with who I am and I am open to receiving pure joy for my heart, mind and body

Did you feel that superpower “Beyonce” vibe rushing within you? Such positive affirmations carry infinite power and potential with unleashing the greatest, sensational inner warrior who is already present within you! The moment of speaking aloud your confidence and trust with you, your dreams and goals is the moment of magical transformations- it’s the secret key to bringing to life what you know you deserve of and even more!

If you’ve been a #PMD fan of ours for quite some time, you may very well already know of one of our core values being of positivity- our brand lives, breathes, and aspires to create an abundant source of positivity with you and for you! Bringing together a special vision board for our limited edition, our Founder knew and felt the perfect color story to reflect the bountiful potential of self-care and love- the color story would entail a balletic touch of feminine, mighty pink gemstones, a vivacious light of Swarovski Crystals, and a lively energy of creativity. All as one, our Self-Love Celebration Collection is intentionally designed to be your new foundation of the new year in attracting a clear vision and flourishing confidence as you allow self-love to be a lasting gift for your soul.


Ready to unleash your inner goddess with our newest designs? We invite you to shop the collection here and pursue this new grand moment of greater love for all who you are and what you believe in.


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