Handmade Gifts of Love This Mother's Day

Cheers, rockstars, to a grand new month in the making!

With May blossoming into a fresh beginning for us all, our small, mother and daughter business is especially grateful to be writing this blog post for you, our community of resilient and beautiful stars! In particular, we’ve dedicated this blog post to share the spotlight on love, more specifically, one of the most inspiring bonds in this universe shared between mother and daughters, grandmas, and all the incredible women who shape our character.

From our local Tampa, St.Pete markets as well as online chats through our Instagram and Facebook pages, we’ve come across various beautiful stories shared that have left an inspirational mark upon our brand- and even more so- the guidance into bringing together new creations ahead for you! From such heartwarming stories and with the special day of Mother’s Day soon approaching, here we’ve compiled a few, uplifting ideas that you can use (and add on to) with celebrating the love from a mother’s heart to a daughter’s journey, and to all the special women in our hearts!


Handmade Gifts of Love this Mother's Day:

Relish a new moment together taking a walk down memory lane with each other:

Do you catch yourself laughing upon a memory that only you and your mother share? How about that one photo that mirrors an entire emotion of joy from way back? Bring together those special memories and have a fun chat re-visiting those days that has forever brought you closer to one another. Bonus gift here! Another special memory will be created in the making as you hold this special conversation together and remember those precious days.


Create an impromptu girl’s day together with that special instrument that shall capture memories:

There’s always a reason and time to have a girl’s day together, right?!? Why not bring together a new memory to be cherished with an impromptu date time together? Call, FaceTime your special mom and plan to meet up at your favorite local spot(s), and bring along a fully charged phone (or camera) to take snapshots/videos together. The outcome will only be delightful upon your hearts and days ahead when you look back at such videos and photos.

celebrating mother's day with mother, daughter blog post

 (as pictured, our founder and mother)

Share in a matching (or mixing) girl power accessory that glistens as beautifully as your smiles together:

Do you and your mom share a special admiration for rocking a femme-power statement together? How about the extra little details that sparkle upon first sight? Such details are what we as a mother, daughter business also share together when it comes to creating our girl power statement. A special gift celebrating your life-long bond can be a charming way to express gratitude towards the support, guidance, and relationship you both uniquely have. From empowering jewelry that unfolds moments of light and love to even a special postcard message where the words nurture a smile of goodness upon the heart, our handmade creations are lasting treasures of life that celebrate you and those in your heart now and ahead as your journey unfolds day by day, moment by moment. See a closeup of our mother, daughter collection here.

Mother's Day gifts with handmade charm bracelets

(as pictured our newest Mother, Daughter matching bracelets)


Take a moment to be still, reflect with gratitude and be gentle:

Life certainly shows us how change is constant and time is forever moving at a brisk pace. Yet, in the everyday routines of ours, we have the freedom to choose how we can spend greater moments in health and happiness. One of which that’s deserving of your heart is the act of pause and reflection. Even if for just a few seconds, close your eyes and take a slow deep breath; and while you do so, bring up a special memory that you’ve always felt joy alongside your mom. Bring out that smile, give thanks out loud, give thanks to yourself for being the woman you are, the woman your mom loves.

Seize the moment, rockstars! For now is all we have to bloom with love, grace and resilient confidence!

With love,

Project Moment Designs Family





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