Spotlight On Brand #Rockstars: summertime shine in confidence, love and gratitude!

This season our girl gang was overjoyed to start a novel brand ambassador program where we opened up the floor and mic to anyone who stands behind our mission and loves an extra empowering sparkle to her day. 

We were ,quite frankly, beyond thrilled with the results as many lifelong customers since day 1 as well as new clients shared great excitement in helping us kick start our summer brand ambassador program! From rockstar moms to brilliant ladies paving their future by investing in self-growth, we are honored to have such new and familiar stars as part of our sisterhood where all women and girls are cheered for and uplifted to pursue our greatest goals and create the life we love!


See below to learn a few fun facts about our summer star ambassadors and their favorite handmade jewelry from us ( hint hint: our all-time best selling healing Quartz Crystal Necklace and beaded Swarovski Crystal bracelet were also a major fav for these ladies!).


jewelry brand ambassadors for summer 2020


summer brand ambassador for handmade jewelry in Tampa, FLWe hope from this growing sisterhood that our brand shall continue to nurture an invaluable life-long gift to all the women and girls who cross paths with us, and this is to cherish the gift that's present in our hearts. We're cheering you on as you cultivate the confidence to know just how capable you are to step forward into a new moment with great self-love. We, women and girls, are a relentless and beautiful force of nature, and even more so, when we step outside our comfort zones and unite together! 
Cheers to this beautiful community shaped by your voice and dreams, rockstar! 
P.S. If you or someone you love would be interested in joining our upcoming fall brand ambassador program, please reach out to us directly from our contact page on our website or Instagram! 

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