Spirited Warmth- Our Founder's Inspiration

The exciting sensation of seeing warm earth tones transition into dancing shapes and movements- a single moment in this novel season leaves a wondrous smile and brings back heartwarming memories. For our founder, Jessica, fall is more than a season of change, it’s a reflection of life’s treasures nurturing time to be spent with our loved ones (and ourselves). In this blog post, we’re taking you behind the scenes with what has inspired the color story and brand message of our Spirited Warmth Collection. Keep reading on to learn more!

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Spirited Warmth Collection Purpose and Meaning:

Within a quick mid-afternoon walk, one can spot endless miracles in the making: the glistening red and orange leaves swaying along with a crisp, cool breeze that happens to bring the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie from a nearby bakery- such glorious sensations are a re-awakening of this season’s story. This particular story is one that serves much inspiration to our new collection- a theme grounded on the beauty that change has when embraced and transformed into something even more breathtaking (hint, we’re also sharing a cherished memory that shaped this collection).

As fall approaches and lives out its very own shapes and moments, we are reminded of the warm touch of gratitude brought to life from even the boldest, majestic fall colors. Some of our favorite moments to relish from this season include the glistening cool sunsets that bring together the sun, moon, and stars into one deep color story as well as the pure blissful smile reflected by an ablaze, maroon leaf. Such new experiences are for you to seize to the fullest and become here and now. Allow yourself to be enchanted by all of fall and grow into an even more imaginative, bolder woman!

What is your favorite moment from fall? Is it the cooler weather or sweet pumpkin treats? Share with us below and shop our new fall collection here!


 A forever favorite fall moment that inspired our fall pieces:

A walk with a westie in mid fall afternoon for fall collection

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