See The Goodness of Changes: fall edition to New Autumn Collection

"See The Goodness of Changes."

This particular phrase carries much meaning to our new fall collection, My Darling Moment. When envisioning the feelings and imagination created by its color story, I knew I wanted to encourage the present day goodness surrounding us. And with autumn's symbolic message of embracing changes, there's an even more beautiful harmony aligned from our new fall jewelry designs. 

Take a peek below to learn of the wondrous energy behind a few vivacious, bold pieces and customer favorites:

Lepidolite Gemstones: 

purple lepidolite gemstone bracelet with tassel chain

Release and let go, this particular gemstone is known for its help with transitional periods in our lives. A few other power qualities from Lepidolite are awareness for what's important and elevated goodness. Our See The Goodness of Changes bracelet is designed with this beautiful gemstone as its main body, along with added rainbow druzy and an optional stainless steel tassel chain to embody and evolve throughout the gentle time of fall.


The Star of Your Dreams Crystal Bracelet

swarovski crystal bracelet stack fall fashion blog post

Designed with rich purple velvet and silver Swarovski crystal beads, this royal fall color bracelet symbolizes the moments where you pause and envision your dreams upon the vast, abundant sky. Cast your wish onto the universe, release, and believe it will all come to place at the right time. 


As a forever glowing bracelet stack, these two bracelets inspire your everyday smiles as you remember that, yes, change is beautiful, but what's more, are the changes that make us stronger when we believe in our thriving potential! 

A food for thought for you to reflect on throughout fall is how are you allowing yourself to change and grow for a greater you? Let me know in the comments!



P.S. See even more of the powerful gemstone designs and meaning from the latest collection here!


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