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We have some very exciting news for our Project Moment Designs' community...drumroll please! Our very first Rock-star blog post is in full swing! This month, we're sharing the spotlight with a fierce boss babe, Jessica Germain. With a beautiful soul and optimistic mindset, it's no wonder why we're inspired by Jessica! Keep reading below to learn more about this rock-star! 

About Jessica Germain:

I am a proud Southern girl, who's living life to make my momma proud and a fierce dog momma. My sweet Abby Roo is my daily dose of sunshine. I'm a corporate girl boss by day, lifestyle blogger by night, and a serious book nerd. If you want to see me light up like a Christmas tree, ask me for a book recommendation. I'm also a taco obsessed girl on a mission to try all- best of best in my humble opinion is BarTaco. 

How the PMD community has made an impact:

I am so proud to be a PMD rock-star! Love this brand's message on supporting, empowering, and transforming women's dreams! The approachable and beautiful confidence provided by the gorgeous handmade jewelry is for every woman! With a tagline like, Never stop believing, never stop dreaming, for your purpose is meant to sparkle the works!, who wouldn't want to be a part of this amazing community!


Thank you for the unconditional support and captivating energy you've shared with us all, Jessica! Cheers to owning the moment with an over-flowing cup of optimism and confidence! 

To follow Jessica and her sunshine spirit, subscribe to her blog here! 

Women inspiring women blog post in January 2019


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