Rockstar of the month: Meet Tracy!

Women supporting women creates an ongoing magical moment where new milestones are achieved! 

This year, Women's History Month holds a very special place in our heart as a small business and female-founded jewelry brand. Through stories shared over the past several months and friendships fostered, I'm thrilled to bring back our first rockstar feature of the month in 2021!! This month, we're showcasing the beautiful story of Tracy! 

Read below to meet and learn more about this amazing girl boss!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tracy Lynn. I am a Holistic Energy Healer and Healing Touch Practitioner located in Savage, Minnesota. I have been practicing energy healing for about 10 years now, and in August of 2020 I started offering distance and in person healing full time to all who are in need no matter the physical distance between us.

What were your greatest dreams as a little girl and how have they shaped you into the woman you are today?
Growing up, I always knew I was unique and had gifts unlike others. One of my biggest dreams was to become a music teacher. When I was 13, my parents separated and eventually divorced. I, of course, struggled with that, as many do, but for me I always found comfort and solace in music. I found over time that through the frequency’s music offers, along with having an amazing teacher who was there for me, I was healing and, at that moment, I knew I wanted to help others by walking with them on their journey to their highest good.
Overtime, through life changes, I found my purpose offering healing to people, at first it was through nutrition while working for a supplement store, and now offering energy healing through my practice at HT Energy Work. I still find music, sound frequencies, and such very therapeutic, however my personal offerings as a healer are currently in energy work and sharing my knowledge with others.
What does own the moment mean to you and how do you apply it to your journey today?
As an intuitive when I think of “own the moment”, it means to listen to your intuition (that little voice inside of you), live your passion by doing what makes YOU happy, live and let life flow, and have positive active action that drives you forward. When I work with my clients, I often find that they are “stuck” in life, unsure of where to go, or even are holding on to past things that harbor fear within them. I, too, have been there, so that is when I remind them, they have amazing energy, they are powerful, and they can overcome if they truly take the moment and do what lights their fire within, they will be so deeply happy.
What's your favorite jewelry sparkle from us and what does it mean to you?
I have personally followed Project Moment Designs for a while. Each piece you create is uniquely beautiful and I absolutely love your mission. But the piece that took my breathe away is your “Like Lightning, She’s Extraordinary Choker Necklace”. I fell in love with this piece and intuitively I knew I must own it. For me, this piece offers a twofold meaning. First, the blue sparkle, that shines the blue of the Throat Chakra (located at your throat) which allows each of us to speak our truth and own our voice. Then paring that with the lightning bolt as a signifier of energy. As a healer I know the positive benefits of nourishing the chakras by eating foods that are the colors of the rainbow (also the colors of the chakras), or even wearing the colors (and other symbolic items, such as the lightning bolt). Therefore, being able to pair blue, with a symbol of energy into a piece that is meant to be worn close to your throat will only empower not only me (as well as others) to speak, as well as share knowledge and truth.
Thank you, Tracy, for sharing your wondrous journey of healing others! Check out Tracy's favorite Lightning sparkle here too!

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