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This month, Project Moment Designs is thrilled to feature Briana as our PMD rock-star of the month! As a blogger, editor, and overall heartwarming soul, Briana shares how faith paired with one's due diligence present the most remarkable opportunities. 

Keep reading below to learn more about this beautiful soul and how our PMD brand's message spoke with Briana!


The most valuable lesson that I've learned this year is to keep going. No matter how hard or unfair life may seem, keep going. Sometimes we don't want to take action until everything appears perfect, but that leaves no room for faith. If you make your wishes known and pair hard work with positive intentions, the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite quotes is "And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". This quote resonates with me because often times in my pursuit of something, I learn more along the way, just in time. My journey as a blogger and editor has been just that - me researching a topic leading me to realize there are many more layers to said topic. Luckily, I enjoy the endless information the internet provides. It fascinates me. Before I knew it, I was an experienced freelance journalist.

I first learned of Project Moment Designs at a women's networking event in March. I briefly met the mother-daughter duo before the scheduled speakers started. I purchased a bracelet and necklace for myself while both owners spoke positive, encouraging words over my future. I quickly fell in love. What initially attracted me was the branding. I loved the colorful display of beaded bracelets. I've loved stacking bracelets since elementary school. When I found out that their jewelry was made from crystals and meant to heal, their generosity and empathy immediately made sense. After exchanging information, I realized that they had connected with me on social media in the past and I don't believe in coincidences. The owners of this jewelry line truly embody their brand and I'm glad to have met them, not only for cute new jewelry but the positive impact they've had on me, personally, and our future collaborations to come!

Women's handmade dainty jewelry featured on customer's blog post

We are overjoyed to have met Briana at one of our first spring markets and partake in a positive impact, a long-lasting journey to uplift one's confidence and soul!


To learn more about Briana's blog and follow her along, visit:

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