Pumpkin Spice Love and Sparkles! Welcoming in The New Pumpkin Season!

When hearing the phrase "Pumpkin Spice", we can't help but to put on a smile as this entire theme and season of life brings warm cheer. From the new (and much-awaited) seasonal flavors to the golden hues reflected from mother nature, there's much to give thanks and spot moments of goodness during such times. 

Our small business family is especially grateful to have this opportunity in bringing to life our very first Pumpkin Spice theme bracelets, where the support and help from our online fans and rockstar community made an immense difference in shaping up the color story and excitement for this special project! 

Handmade with abundant TLC, our NEW Pumpkin Spice Love bracelets carry so much light and are a glistening reminder of present joy found in the simplest of moments (like sipping on a warm, oh-so-yummy Pumpkin Spice Starbucks latte) as well as all the grandeur opportunities that are to unfold from the creative flow within us all! 

Keep reading below to learn of the special gemstones designed into our newest pre-fall bracelets and what Pumpkin Spice Love means to our Founder! 

Pumpkin Spice Sparkles: The Meaning Behind Our Gemstones!

pumpkin spice bracelets with rose gold

Blending together a soft earthy palette with the striking details from rose gold, our Pumpkin Spice Love bracelets carry a beautiful story, one that instills peace, inspiration, and wondrous childhood joy. Starting with Sunstone's magical energy of positivity, this glittery gold-copper gem unfolds high vibrations of excitement and creativity in any area of our life where we feel needs to be nurtured in greater light (think of as how the instant glow from the sun makes you feel when you step outside and feel its loving energy warming up your heart!). 

A beautiful addition to this pre-fall bracelet, the faceted banded moonstone gems also complement our sunstone crystals effortlessly with its aligned focus on new beginnings. The strikingly glowing details also mirror the raw beauty and luminosity of the moon (a wonderful gem for any moon lovers out there! :)). 

The final (and one of our personal favorite) details that have shaped these new bracelets come from the oh-so adored pumpkin glass charm and custom gold letter beads! We love sharing the creative process of personalizing your own bracelet and can't wait to see which phrases everyone will be choosing from for their pre-fall bracelets!

 pumpkin spice rose gold dainty bracelet

Our Founder, Jessica, especially wishes for you, and all who partakes in the new Pumpkin Spice Love bracelet story, a grandeur open-mindset in this new season of our life- to be open to all the new beginnings that you can tap into from just that one positive thought and flow of imagination, all while relishing each beautiful moment spent with savory dishes and laughter with your loved ones!

Cheers to a glowing new pumpkin season ahead, beautiful stars! 

P.S. If you haven't check out our new sparkles, click here


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