Our Top 3 Reflections Celebrating 6 Months Together

And here we are, reaching a chapter that we are ever so grateful and aware of just how much of a blessing it is to say " we've made it to 6 months"! Much of this new milestone is attributed to the trust poured into our brand and relationships established with our rockstars- YOU! So, what better way to celebrate our half-year anniversary than to share the top learning lessons we've experienced thus far and can be applied to any walks of life! 

Keep reading on to digest the good stuff!


Moments of Reflection From Then to Now:

1. Step by step to pave change: Looking back to when we first launched, our action plan has probably been the strongest area to have changed. With many ideas to implement and dates of expectations to achieve, if there's one thing we've embraced with open arms, it's to welcome the opportunity for baby steps. Action plans, agendas, meetings, all this can certainly be a part of our daily routines, but it's just as important, if not more so, to grant attention to the small steps taken in each day. This small step can, in fact, form the core foundation to your big goal for the year. So, celebrate big those small steps because, at the end of the day, you've created an abundance of change from within yourself!

2. Transform your fear into fuel: Everyday, we're surrounded by infinite messages and means of communication that can make this world seem a bit dim and make us want to stay in our comfort zone. Whether that be to stick to a daily routine of our work schedule or living out to the teeth our to-do's list of house chores, our comfort zone can often time be our shield against exploring the unknown! As shared from our first reflection above, all it takes is that one small step to make a world of a difference and to transform that comfort zone into a window of new vision(s). It may take a lot of energy and practice, but the invaluable experience and personal rewards that come from bursting out of that bubble of fear are oh-so-worth it!

Extra bonus, why not try to do something you've never done before? This could be something as simple and doable even for this weekend: like doing laps at the beach (or take swimming lessons to learn a new skill!).  

3. Love yourself: If there's one thing we'd emphasize on this journey together, it's to love every single bit and piece of you and all of you! Sure life can be tough and full of temptations of comparison but it's in these challenging times that can help us to create our story in our own unique light. You and I, as we both read this together, we're sharing this moment of growth and reflections, but what's even more beautiful is what we'll do afterward that will foster such different footsteps! The universe needs more of these distinct footsteps, crazy ideas, and passionate dreamers. Give yourself that hug that you know you deserve now, invest in yourself to keep growing and own this moment because the truth is...you're unstoppable!


What was your favorite part of our 6-month reflection post? Have any additional learning experience you'd love to add to? Share with us in the comments box and check out the foundation of our collections that embraces the message of this blog post here



Jessica, Founder & Designer

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