Our Small Business Turns 3, Today!!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday from our handmade jewelry, small business family to our community!!! On this very wintry day of December 1st, our passionate and mission-driven business turns 3 years, young! You bet there's a SUPER MAJOR happy dancing moment happening!! As I share in this grand celebration with you, here's a look back memory lane highlighting some of our favorite moments this past year and the learning lessons that have only made us stronger these past 3 years!

Hope you enjoy and also feel more inspired in your goal-getting journey! 

Our 3 Year Golden Birthday Anniversary Reflections

  • Don't assume the obvious: This rather generic statement can, yes, be applied to our goals in so many ways, but to make this even more specific, the message here is to not assume you know the trajectory/outcome of a tool you're investing in towards your goals. A wonderful example and moment that reflects this point was our very first national media press coverage on NBCNY for Mother's Day. This incredible opportunity all happened from an open mindset with how connections can be nurtured from social media. 


  • We took a grand leap of faith and exhibited at our first trade show!! This moment was for sure one of the scariest and most exciting of moments for us as we attended the AmericasMart Tradeshow! There were so many takeaways from this adventure (and we have another blog post dedicated to this already!) but if we were to highlight one of the greatest learning lessons it would be to never underestimate the potential for your growth- even when at the time it's uncertain how, just keep shining your passion!

small business 3 year anniversary blog post


  • From our vision board to meeting Rebecca Minkoff!! Yes, one of our greatest fashion icons that we've looked up to forever, is on our vision board for a few certain goals that we aspire to bring to life and to have had the chance to meet MS. Rebecca in person and even get to share this with her- was a dream in the making!! Women inspiring women is truly an incredible thing in life!


small business handmade jewelry blog post with Rebecca Minkoff
  • Keep your eyes on your goals, and also keep your wildest dream in focus. Our 3rd year anniversary wouldn't be as magical without the powerful moments of our philanthropic efforts together with our community! In addition to meeting one of our newest non-profit partners in person, our small business also surpassed our Pink October Give-back goal by more than 5x the amount from last year!! And we're just getting started!


  • This was the year of our re-brand from Project Moment Designs to now, Jessica Santander. The passion, vision, mission, presence...it's all the same, if not, more so ever radiant with our new name behind the brand and more of our authentic, goal-getting moments shared across our platforms!

Of course, there's an endless list of great aspirations that we have on our bucket list goals, but if there's anything these past 3 years have taught us, it's to savor and relish every single step forward- celebrate and own the magic! You never know where one step/action will take you- it can certainly be to a new open window that's even more darling that what you could've ever imagined it to be!

small business 3 year anniversary blog post jewelry post

Go live your you!



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