Meet Ariana: November's Rockstar Spotlight Feature!

Connecting with and growing a continuous light of inspiration with women from all backgrounds and stories is what fuels the backbone to this small business, passionate dream of mine. And, I'm so honored to have met another fellow local boss babe at a previous market in Tampa, FL who's living out a beautiful heart with her family, friends, and the world! 

Keep reading below to get to know about Ariana's journey! 

Rockstar Spotlight Feature with Ariana:

What were your greatest dreams as a little girl and how have they shaped you into the woman you are today?

My greatest dream as a little girl was to become a lawyer, write poetry, and help the community. I remember visiting Tijuana with my grandparents at the age of 9 and seeing children begging us to buy packs of gum they were selling so they can have money. I remember seeing mothers living on the sidewalk holding their hungry babies. It really impacted me. I told my grandparents we had to do something about it. The dreams I had as a little girl still follow me today. I have a heart to help, inspire, and give hope to those I encounter.

What does Own the moment mean to you and your journey?

Owning the moment to me means taking charge of your present. You have the power to choose peace. You have the power to choose determination. You have the power to choose joy. You have the power to surrender when needed. You have the power to own your moment! In life, we face setbacks, disappointments, and detours. Although those moments sting, we can’t remain dwelling in those places. We must own our moments, good and bad, and make the best out of all that we face.

If you had to pick 1, what's your favorite jewelry from us?

It is hard to just pick one favorite sparkle from PMD, but I love, love, love my pumpkin spice bracelet! It was my first purchase. I am a big pumpkin fan! I also love rose gold and it has touch of that, too!

What's a piece of advice you'd love to share with our community and readers?

Never, ever give up on your dreams! I faced many negative experiences during my childhood and teenage years, but I always knew that I was born to make a difference. I worked very hard over the years and am currently raising two beautiful girls. I decided to go back to school at my age to finally accomplish a goal that I have that can help me pursue the dreams I have been living with in my heart. Listen to your passion. Listen to that voice inside that never goes silent. Don’t listen to your doubts. It’s never too late. You’re not too old to pursue what you were born to do! You are able! You are capable! You can do it!

What are a few fun facts about yourself that makes you smile?

A few fun facts that make me smile are red cardinals. I love seeing them. They make my heart happy. I also love gnomes. My kids laugh at me all the time. I collect gnomes for every holiday. They are just so adorable to me! I also love 90’s hip hop and adore Marc Anthony!


What an incredible heart, story, and mission Ariana has and shares with us all! Thank you for sharing such inspiration and encouragement to make this world a better place as how we all imagine it to be, no matter what age, circumstance we may be in, all is certainly possible! 

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