New Brand! Who Dis?! Welcome to Jessica Santander!

Almost 3 years into the making, and I can honestly say there's been a ton of moments to learn from with our small business. Starting out, I knew to the details what I wanted our jewelry pieces to stand for, the evolving question was, how can I portray, express, and live out this meaning. I knew that and am committed to creating a lifestyle jewelry brand that's not only of beautiful quality, but really touches our customers' hearts and journey. Then one of the most unforeseen events took place that I would've never imagined to happen to anyone...the global pandemic hit. Through its ups and downs, little did I know that the trialing moments would be revealing a new idea that I'd naturally be tapping into and would soon bring the full picture into a clearer light: our re-brand from Project Moment Designs to, well, me. :) 

Below I'm sharing with you the purpose behind our new re-brand, what you can expect, and a sweet little note of encouragement. Keep on reading! 

Jessica Santander: Re-branding into a purposeful lifestyle jewelry brand

  • So, what was the purpose for this decision? I'd say that this decision was one that I knew needed to be done but I was afraid to make it happen. The first moment this idea was brought up was during a conversation I had with my business and mindset couch where she asked me if I knew how I'd want to approach being more engaged and connected with my audience. I kind of knew, but in my heart, I also knew what she was going to say next: "You can still show up as who you are on your terms without worrying about coming across as too 'blogger-ish'." Fast-forward a few months later and this decision of showing you, our customers, more of what brings our brand and mission to life feels just so right. Hence, the next big step would be to connect this piece of the puzzle and share more of the face behind our brand, our inspirations, our purpose, our footprint. 
  • What can our customers and fans expect from our new re-brand? MORE OF ME. I always aim to somehow make someone's day a little bit better. Whether from a post, a story, a random dancing video, a dainty design from our collections, every touchpoint you come across with our jewelry brand, both online and offline, is a piece of my heart shared with you and inspiring you to feel connected to something meaningful, to feel empowered in living out your journey from here onward as optimistically confident than ever before. My story that's led to the re-branding of Jessica Santander is one where personal fear challenged my self-worth many, many times, but it was the moments of saying "yes" to be the change in my life and for my family that I share behind our mission and with you. 
  • My little note of encouragement is to show up for yourself. Your journey, your voice, your dreams, your greatest all matters in this world, and it's up to you to go make it happen and be confident in both the familiar and uncomfortable situations.  It's time to go live your you, girl!!

P.S. Here's a look into the power-house stack I personally love rocking for those goal-getting moments:

Envision and Create Bracelet



Open-Minded Bracelet


My Dream in The Making Bracelet


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