Modern Day Women Spotlight: Get to Meet This On Air Host + Actor

Connections are everything and in many instances, can be the key to taking our vision to a whole new level. In today's post-job ecosystem, more and more women are changing the rules of the game and extending that helping hand so that we all experience success together and uniquely on our own terms. This month's Modern Day Women Spotlight comes from the virtual web of connections where we got to meet Azia through a fellow mentor/role model of ours. This blog post features the story of a fellow mighty woman who has fueled her courage muscle to get to where is today. Get to meet Azia and her encouraging words for us modern day women to shine! 

Get to Meet Azia: This Month's Modern Day Women Spotlight

Can you tell us about your journey and what has led to you where you are today?

I am a TV host, journalist, and actor with a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire. I got my start interviewing celebrities who were promoting their movies in Los Angeles after interning and working for networks like MTV, Revolt, and Penske Media (home to Variety).


One night while I was up late on Twitter (lol), I came across a contest to host VH1’s ‘Big Morning Buzz Live’ with Nick Lachey from Times Square.  As someone who grew up watching ‘TRL’ and ‘106 & Park,’ it was a dream opportunity. I wrote down some ideas before going to sleep and edited a submission video the next morning.  I made it to the final four and VH1 flew me out to audition for the gig, live on the show! I didn’t end up winning, but during the trip I set up a meeting with an agent who eventually signed me for representation. A few months later, he asked me if I was interested in moving to New York to anchor for Channel One News, a CBS-partnered news show broadcast to students in schools across the US. Sharing the news with young people was a dream job, and it opened up doors for me to host other programs for networks like COMPLEX, launch an acting career, and even consult for nonprofits that I care about.

Now, I anchor on Cheddar News back on the West coast.  I have also had acting roles on shows like ‘The Afterparty’ on Apple TV+, and regularly appear as myself on ‘Law & Order SVU’ which is always really fun!

What does success look or feel like to you on your own terms?

I used to think that success looked like reaching certain milestones in my head:

A job title, an amount of money, or a level of recognition.

While it’s amazing to be driven and have goals, I’ve realized that thinking this way is toxic and you’ll always find a way to move the goal post further. “I’ll be successful when a, b, c…”  It was actually taking time to slow down during the pandemic that made me realize that true success is being fulfilled not only financially, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Being successful is to have agency over your path and live authentically.

What’s 1 piece of advice you’d pass along to our youth, be it goal-getting advice, mental health, women in business…etc.

One piece of advice is so difficult because I interview so many intelligent leaders, changemakers, and experts on a daily basis! Something that resonated with me recently was related to imposter syndrome. If you struggle with feelings of unworthiness or lack of confidence around your abilities, 1) know that so many people experience this, and 2) try reframing that mindset. If you experience imposter syndrome, you’re delusional in a sense. Why not try being delusional and super-boost the thoughts that make you feel amazing and good about yourself? For me, this looks like talking to myself as I would talk with someone I love.

Finally, what is your favorite empowering Jessica Santander jewelry sparkle and why?

My absolute favorites from Jessica Santander are the Love and Sparkle Mismatched Huggies Hoops!  They’re gorgeous 22kt gold-filled hoops.  One earring is a heart and the other is a star.  Whenever I wear them on air, it reminds me to let my light shine and to lead with my heart.

Anyone else getting the goosebumps after reading such uplifting words of a wise woman as Azia?! Now, run on over to Azia's Insta page here to connect with her more and if you'd love to twin with her, grab her fav earrings from us right here


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