Buy One, Empower Many: Launching Brand Partnership with InHerShoes Movement

What started out as a vision typed out on a google doc over the summer of 2018 is translating into the creation of creative impact and joy. Founded on a mission to inspire women and girls to define life through moments where we choose to show up for ourselves and embrace our unique confidence, Project Moment Designs has always held a passionate vision to lead on a global scale. A major part of this passion comes from my personal backstory where research projects from college and New York City internship carried life-changing moments from the stories of women entrepreneurs. As a female-founded business, I knew I wanted to both instill my footprint within the jewelry/fashion industry as well as lead and be a part of impactful conversations. The journey of this small business is certainly a roller-coaster filled with all kinds of emotions, yet, the thrill and joy of creating and giving from the heart has led to a remarkable moment within our 2 years. 

As a handmade, girl-power jewelry brand, it's with utmost joy and gratitude that our small business is honored to announce our brand partnership with InHerShoes Movement non-profit. 

Take a look below to learn a few amazing fun facts about our give-back campaign!

Project Moment Designs and InHerShoes Movement:

  • What's the mission behind InHerShoes Movement? As a registered non-profit, InHerShoes Movement is committed to catalyzing courage for girls and women around the world to live and create courageously.
  • What brought InHerShoes Movement and Project Moment Designs together? The backstory of Judith Martinez (which can be found here) resonated so strongly with my personal story of how I chose to show up for my greatest vision and experience the grand transformation of when courage overrides fear. After chasing job interviews for almost 2 years, I thought my life would be golden once I landed a role in the corporate world, yet, things turned out to be completely opposite where I knew in my heart that life was pointing me to a different (but familiar) direction. The resilient belief of how our journey can be a self-fulfilling one on the other side of fear is what had attracted both missions together.
  • How can you be involved in our give-back partnership? By purchasing from our handmade designs, you can also partake in the movement of inspiring girls and women to create a life grounded on courage. With each purchase, 1% of total proceeds goes towards the mission and community of InHerShoes Movement. 

As the famous saying goes, jewelry has that beautiful power to help a lady feel unique, and I'm so honored to include you as part of this girl-power, impactful journey!


As the femme-power jewelry brand that we are, you bet we planned up something special to celebrate this new milestone! Introducing The Courage Unleashed Bracelet sparkled with intentional, designer quality gemstones, pearls, and electroplated lava beads! See below!

courage letter designer quality gemstone bracelet

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