June Moments of Reflections for Greater Goodness Shared

The start of June uplifts the human spirit on many levels: there’s the start of longer days with sunlight, the summer season approaching, sweet tooth delights from evening adventures to one’s favorite local ice cream shop…the list can certainly go on. Yet, for many of us, June (and even this year thus far) has had its unique touch of a fresh start to something more than we could’ve imagined it to be. 

Here at Project Moment Designs, we’ve taken a moment to pause, yes, but to also learn and discover new ways that we as a female-founded business can further the positive impact of honoring beauty in diversity, and help make a difference for a brighter future.

Below, we’ve shared a few ideas with how you can reframe the perspective of goodness shared and make the remainder of 2020 a remarkable one to live and thrive from! Keep on reading below! P.S. We’ve also included a hint of details with how we’re taking action from our core values as a sustainable, social impact brand.


Reframe and Recharge: Coming Together in Greater Harmony


1. It begins from within:

In so many areas in life, from new decisions to discovering what makes us feel complete, new and healthier changes starts from within us all- the mind and heart together. How we feel, see, perceive life as it is now all results from the seeds (train of thoughts) that we instill into our mindset. Yet, as challenging as it may seem to be, changing or reframing such seeds that nurture our mindset is certainly possible for anyone, at any stage in life. This is where reframing and recharging hold an invaluable benefit to our mental health and wellbeing- by just taking a moment (or several) to pause and allowing the peace of breathing to take place, our thoughts and perspective align in a way that can feel alleviating and clear. Even more powerful changes can and have happened from the moment we place our mindset into our hearts and move forward from this new place of self-discovery.

2. Transition from the mind to daily small acts:

The greater goodness becomes from any act originating from the heart- no matter how big or small that footstep may be. Take for instance the scenario of looking at a closed-door right in front. From a state of peace and clarity, you acknowledge this closed door and you also see the doorknob slowly, but surely, opening from the daily acts you take and the commitment you honor in ensuring this door shall no longer be closed, but rather a new moment that you shall celebrate. Take that action/footstep, even if it feels small to you, the world is seeing just how beautifully immense your heart is for believing.

 3. Live from an abundant vision

From our closed-door scenario, the daily footsteps implemented is the most remarkable experience of this entire journey. Imagine and envision what you feel can become, no matter the challenges, resources, or help needed, just allow yourself to feel limitless as you move forward. The sky is truly the limit and we are all capable of making our environment, community, and the world at large as beautiful as we see it to be.


As we had shared above in this blog post, our Project Moment Designs family is committed to not only creating meaningful charm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, but to also serving our community and the greater world from our socially responsible materials sourced as well as partnerships in nurturing equal educational opportunities for our future generation. Moment by moment, day by day, our small business is seeking ways to leave a greater impact of love, confidence, and positivity on to the hearts of many.

charm beaded bracelets for women handmade in Florida

We love and appreciate all our rock-stars and shall forever do so in grand ways with our BIPOC.

Did you have a favorite takeaway from this blog post? We’d be thrilled to hear from you! Leave us your review below in the comments box and we’ll reply back shortly!

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