It's Ingrained In Our Brand DNA: Celebrating Pride Love

As a latina-owned, female-founded small business, it's both important and of encouragement to carry out our core values in new ways day by day. This also includes challenging ourselves to reflect, listen, and contribute to what our society, consumers, community all is advocating for, and lately, it's been more love. 

As we celebrate Pride Month this June, we wanted to share a little bit more on how we as a brand are pushing for more love for all. Keep reading below for extra enlightening insights.

How our brand DNA cheers for a more inclusive world where all love is the way.

Connection: One of our principal core values ties back to the magic of connection and lately many of us can agree that the world could use more of that human connection. It's so vital to live out this fascinating perspective of how we as an individual can contribute to a world with more spark, light, and good energy. How can we do this? The web digital landscape has opened a boundaryless universe where virtual connections can build new bridges, and while it's definitely not the same as human in-person connections, starting somewhere is the only first step needed. As a women-led brand, it's a top priority for us to always be intentional with our brand voice in hopes of you and all to join in our conversation and feel that magical connection take place. Even more so, let's do something extraordinary and add love into each conversation, engagement, moment where we can connect with others. 


Passion: With vibrant latina roots, it's no shock that our aesthetic is to live, breathe, and exude a passionate energy with our community. For Pride Month, and truly any month, we challenge ourselves and you to add even more vibrancy to the conversation where all the colos, glitter, and glam is felt in kindness and support shared with the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Philanthropy: As vast as the universe is, there's always room for kindness to be shared and as we host several give-backs all year long, support can look and feel different in so many beautiful ways. Explore this notion with your imagination and let's be a helping hand for our friends, family, and beyond because at the end of the day, love truly always wins. 

Be kind, spread love, and re-imagine joy with enlightening jewelry.

P.S. Keep an open eye with our upcoming emails and Instagram posts as we have something special planned to keep glistening the love of Pride month here and beyond!

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