How To Make The Most Out Of Summer's Dance Into Fall

It’s hard to believe that summer is more than halfway thru and sooner than we know it, we’ll be sipping on new seasonal Starbucks drinks (though this doesn’t sound too bad :) ). Yet, as the rock stars we are, we’re all for making the very best of everything and enjoying the moments to the fullest, right?!? Below, we’ll be sharing our favorite ways to relish summer’s vivacious days and nights and, ultimately, make it your BEST SUMMER YET!


Our Top Picks for Making The Most of Summer’s Dance into Fall Season

  1. Grow Out Of The Normality: With our day-to-day routines at work and home, it can seem hard to break out of the ordinary activities and avoid the temptation to just rest in on the weekends. We get it, we’ve been there, and heck, we do deserve to unwind and relax, yet, summer also has its own precious gifts that help us to practice self-care! Summer days are longer for a reason- why not push ourselves to celebrate more blissful moments in the outdoors? From rollerblading by the bay to meditating by the shore, there are endless ways for us all to relish the fresh air and nurture our health (while getting in that nice vitamin c for our skin!).


  1. Be All In The Moment: As summer and fall blend more and more together over the next following weeks, mother nature presents us with endless signs of such beautiful change (hint hint: this may be part of next collection’s story!). Take the moment throughout each day to notice such remarkable beauty- a simple look into the sky’s horizon, or even an evening stroll shall reveal such wondrous sensations of this remarkable season.


  1. Capture As Many Sunsets: One thing that appears to be unique to each season is the magical moment lived through a sunset. As no 2 days are the same, so are the beautiful colors that paint each sunset. Not only does this have a rejuvenating effect upon our mindset, but you’ll be left with even more memories to cherish. Treat this time as an invaluable opportunity to capture as many sunsets as possible (and share us your photos too)!


How have you ensured to make the most out of your summer? Have more fun ideas to add onto the list? Leave us your comment below and be sure to check out our Bare Expressions treasures here to learn of novel ways to flourish with the colors of summer!

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