How love for fashion and blazing focus on motivating women inspired Jaclynn Brennan on starting her entrepreneurial journey

Growing up, I recall how vivid the inspiration was when reading about actresses, designers, editorial leaders, global leaders, this electric feeling continued to grow in my heart where I knew deep down within me that I needed to share my light within the arts ecosystem. Afterall, being raised by a fearless and resilient mother only paved the way to a deep purpose to be cultivated. This theme of purpose, inspiration, and impact leads us to this month's Modern Day Women Spotlight with the CEO and Co-Founder of Fyli, Jaclynn Brennan.
Get ready to fuel your drive for all things joy and success with this blog post!
Can you tell us about your journey and what has led to you where you are today?
When I started my entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago, I focused on creating a space to share my deep love for fashion and personal expression. Twelve years later and 22 major corporations under my belt that I have helped lead in executing successful branding strategies, I continue to focus on being a constant source of motivation for women.


I coined the term “creative duality,” which explores the strategies and new frontiers of branding using conceptual thinking for multiple categories in the fashion, photography, sports, art, medical, real estate, and consumer goods industries. I’ve used this method as the former Creative Director of UNLEASHED, where I had the opportunity to work on Serena William’s first jewelry collection, launch multiple ready-to-wear collaborations with Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales, and serve as a producer on the documentary series “Connecting Thread” for Refinery29 highlighting global female artisans. 

I am currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Fylí - a Network as a Service (NaaS) business for early-stage female founders, offering education, accountability, peer-to-peer mentorship, leadership advancement, and funding opportunities.  At Fyli, I oversee all corporate partnerships, including Soho House and Bumble, investor relations, curriculum structure, and team culture. 

What does success look or feel like to you on your own terms?

True success for me is a proper integration of work and life together. My work is what brings me so much joy and impact. I work with my close friends and build community in a global capacity — it’s a huge part of my life. I make time for my family and the things that are important to me. I do not compromise my health and learn to listen to my body and spirit throughout all of this. I take time to unplug when I need it; I also sprint when it’s necessary for my business. 

What’s 1 piece of advice you’d pass along to our youth, be it goal-getting advice, mental health, women in business…etc.
We each have special gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that unfold as we navigate through life. Whatever you have mastered, use it to your advantage. Collab your innovative ideas and big dreams with your purpose and gifts and allow them to make room for you on your path to success. And don’t get discouraged by the word “no” - You are going to hear it repeatedly.. Let NO be a starting point for a negotiation and do not take it personally. It might be no today or tomorrow, but in a few months, you can get it to a YES. Developing your inner confidence by embracing who you are, identifying your purpose, and showing up authentically. If you stay true to yourself and your vision, failure isn’t possible.

Finally, what is your favorite empowering Jessica Santander jewelry sparkle and why?
The very first piece of Jessica Santander jewelry I wore was a gold quartz crystal necklace, that I still have today and absolutely love. It is filled with good energy and positivity and brings a wonderful smile to my face every time I see it. It helps remind me that I am always divinely protected and guided.
What was your favorite takeaway from this post?! We certainly know there's been a ton of golden nuggets shared by Jaclynn and hope you walk away feeling even more motivated to apply your passion, gifts, and purpose in your story! 
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