Here's to 4 years with Our Jewelry Sparkles and Community!

Where to begin! Our baby business with our handmade gems has reached yet another milestone where we turn 4 this December! Does it feel likes it's been 4 years? Yes and no where the small business journey has had its peaks and moments of pause to reflect upon. I can honestly say that it feels like yesterday when I came home driving from work and the idea to start my own business spoke so strongly to my heart. Fast forward 3 months from this moment and we had hit the publish button to launch our website. The small business journey is one that has personally developed me into becoming more loving of myself (and especially all the beautiful flaws) and more passionate of the story we are sharing with our corner of the world. This year has certainly been one to show us that with persistence and belief, anything is possible, and because of this, has brought out a whole new sense of profound admiration for the love of our community and women leading from the heart! Below, I'm sharing just some of the many incredible sparkle highlights from 2022! 


Jessica Santander's Sparkle Moments of The Year:

1. 2022 started off with a pinch-us moment for our small business as one of our lady crushes highlighted and showcased our sparkles. Jessica Zweig, aka the queen boss for personal branding, has held a special place in my heart ever since I came across her story and message in 2020. The passion in helping others discover, embrace, and tap into our very magical light that Jessica shares translates in her awe-inspiring milestones such as award-winning entrepreneur, personal branding expert, the founder and CEO of SimplyBe. So, when we saw Jessica shout us on on her IG Page AND include our jewelry as part of her course gift guide- my mind was blown away! 

as seen on Jessica Zweig

 2. Community events is what we're all about and we finally are bringing them back! Fostering new connections and pouring our love into our local community led to incredible collaborations with several women-led brands at in-person events. From our summer in self-love trunk show to pumpkin party, I will forever remember the powerful feeling of love and support that was shared from our friends who continue to show up behind our mission! In simplest terms, our community is everything and I LOVE you! 

jessica santander 4 year birthday party in tampa, fl

3. The theme of community continues on strongly for our brand as we had the wondrous opportunity to partner together with some pretty cool businesses that we admire! A women-led market hosted by The Women's Creative in commemorating the growing ecosystem of Tampa Bay with The Edition Tampa was one that further highlighted how remarkable the passion is when it comes to women-owned companies, and getting to share our story within this special event, was priceless. 

Then there was the holiday fun giveaway with Kittenish which was a moment to love showcasing that when you put your mind and heart to a goal, it can become reality! 

kittenish giveaway

Throughout these past 4 years with our uplifting sparkles, I can stand behind the fact that one of the most essential ingredients to living out one's joy is to believe in yourself. Yes, the journey may get hard, but we're much stronger than how we can imagine, and the belief in yourself, your beautiful imperfections, along with your story is all that's needed to start again and go far. The dream is worth fighting for, so go out there and shine your light!

With all my heart, thank you for being a friend with our small business and partaking in the movement we're paving forward- to re-imagine and celebrate our joy unconditionally! 

Cheers to 4 years and many, many more years filled with sparkles of light and love! 

Xoxo, Jessica

happy 4 years Jessica Santander Jewelry

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