A Moment of Gratitude From Our Brand Founder on Small Business Saturday

The exciting milestone of hitting our very first Small Business Saturday has finally come- and it came oh-so fast! As a small business and start-up brand, our PMD family is over-joyed with not only the opportunity, but also gift of celebrating what it means to live out the journey of a local, small business with you, our rockstar foundation! As we share this blog post with so much gratitude, we are humbled to express this wondrous moment with a special note from our founder, Jessica, written below: 


Small Business Saturday has held a special place in my heart for quite some time. Sharing my appreciation and admiration for many locally-owned businesses not only on this special day but also any day leaves a good feeling within my heart. And, now, with life turning direction this past year into motivating me to launch something of my own and share this as a light onto others- I feel even greater joy and delight with partaking in the celebration as a small business owner. This day can be of a reflection of all the glorious moments shared when connecting with a new customer, hearing of how our creations brought forth a smile and made a customer feel empowered, receiving a special message of a simple thank you--all such moments have nurtured a great inspiration to our designs, brand vision with our community, and non-stop happy dances! 


As this year marks our first Small Business Saturday, I can say that it wouldn't be a blessing without our rockstars- the love, support and trust shared with us is beyond what I could've imagined as this all goes to show of the kindness that does exist and our belief in making dreams come to life! Project Moment Designs is a dream in the making, a dream that's a boundaryless force of positive energy to move mountains and instill imagination and hope into the hearts of our rockstars. Some may call it a life-long passion, but I call it a journey traced with sparkles of footsteps forward in paving a brighter future for you to shine and flourish in this miracle of life. With utmost gratitude and all my heart, I and all of the Project Moment Designs family, thank you for this moment, for joining our journey, and for taking a new leap of faith as we all together own the moment! Cheers to even more happy dances shared with you!



Jessica, Founder and CVO of Project Moment Designs 

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