Goal-getting: How Saying "Yes" to Yourself is Your Next Step

2022, do you still feel that the new year is just in the very beginning of showcasing what we all are truly capable of? I still do and am allowing that notion to be of excitement.

If you've been following us along in our journey lately, you may recall that we just came back from our tradeshow at AmericasMart Atlanta and ever since, our world has shifted with a fresh perspective on life and goals. As a small business that full of relentless girl power, it's so important to us and myself as the CEO to find the daily chances to reflect and calm the noise of the go-go-go and share the learning moments with our community.

So, what came about this past month? Our new appreciation to goal-setting in a healthy way. 

How Saying "Yes" to Yourself is Your Next Step in the Goal-Getting Journey:


Start by saying "yes" to yourself but go deeper.

This positive affirmation is not just a "yes" to yourself but more so a way for self-discovery. As our handmade jewelry loves a good, inspiring story to embrace, this notion goes back to identifying what is it that you're good at or that fills up your heart with joy that time passes by in a blink of an eye? Ask around your family and friends what they think you're a natural talent at? 

Now take note of such areas and brainstorm how you can further develop yourself with your own inner magic. Is that a networking seminar that you feel with your entire heart that you should attend? Or a masterclass you'd love to apply to and learn as you do? Yes, you know where we are heading with these questions. Even if the next step to grow requires time and possibly and investment in somewhere else in your life, find a way to get there and make it happen. It's also ok if the timing isn't now, that doesn't make it a no forever. 

The mind is a beautiful space of ideas, imagination, and passion in our story, and by saying "yes" to yourself and with what you're pretty darn good at/lights up your heart, that's the most defiant step to take to move forward and own your moment.

Girl, the world is yours to seize and curiosity is key in our everyday endeavor!

Now time for that extra sparkle of inspiration!

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