Forever Together- Celebrating Mothers & Daughters

The month of May brings forth many reasons to smile, be joyful, and even more so, love. Not only is it a reminder of summer soon approaching with the beautiful sunshine days, but also a moment for all to awaken our hearts in new ways. Whether this be a novel commitment to nurturing our soul with self-care or daily acts to share our love and gratitude for those who do care for us, our Forever Together Collection is a celebration of just that- the loving energy in us and for us. 


With love existing as a powerful, miraculous energy and ongoing source of light upon our paths, our Project Moment Designs family shares a few ways to give cheer to this new month and the forever love between Mothers and Daughters.


How we're celebrating Mothers and Daughters with you! 

1. Our newest limited edition, Forever Together, was created to honor and commemorate the unconditional bond between mothers and daughters. Even more so, such hand-crafted pieces were put together to specifically bless the heart and its loving energy. From blush quartz gemstones to a symbol of the circle of love entailed through Swarovski crystals, we're here to relish the beautiful memories, both past and present, with you! 

2. Forever Together Moments- as the awesome and beautiful rockstar that you are, we're sharing the spotlight on you! With your momma bear, grandmas, aunts, pet mommas...etc, share your #ForeverTogetherPMD moments with us captured in a photograph on social media! Just as Ed Sheeran so beautifully sings "We keep this love in a photograph; We made these memories for ourselves", let us all create and reminiscent upon blessed moments. 

3. Live out the most powerful way to bring light onto yourself and your momma bear- a simple reminder of "I love you" makes a world of a difference from within and beyond! 


Do you have any other ideas to add onto the this list? Share with us in the comments below and we'll be sure to add it in! Cheers to living and loving a new month, rockstars!


Celebrate Mother's Day Blog Post

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