En Route to AmericasMart Trade Show Part 2!

6 months of preparation has evolved into a life-worth of lessons embraced from our tradeshow journey at AmericasMart. They say there's always so much to experience with anything that you embark for the first time- and you bet this was the theme of our first tradeshow in Atlanta. From the adrenaline rush of setting up our booth to the inspiration shared amidst our fellow emerging aritsts neighbor vendors, below I'm sharing with you the impactful moments that touched our hearts as an emerging small business!

The impactful moments from our first trade show:

  • One can never be overprepared. As much as I personally like to think of myself as an organized planner, I realized just how much there is to continuously learn when it comes to visually expressing your vision and imagination. The journey behind this is one that will forever unfold with new ideas, insights, and tips as you grow and become more immersed with the world you aspire to paint and share with others. The key here is to always be excited with how you can always embrace your student/learning mode in any ambience that you find yourself in. 
  • That small business love is REAL! Walking into this first-time tradeshow experience, I hadn't' had a clue with how the overall energy would be. Yes, I had my optimistic thoughts, but the turnout was beyond what I could've imagined. There was infinite kindness, laughter, support, and relatability shared amidst all vendors. This was one of my personal favorite moments- the beauty of the kind-hearted spirit that's within us all! 
  • There's always that special someone who's willing to help a new person/business. To say that our empowering handmade jewelry is spreading its magic throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Florida just brings out an immense smile of gratitude upon my heart. Buyers from all across the globe shared their love and support for new businesses that were also emerging artists as our brand! This alone serves as the golden reminder that there IS abundant room for all our dreams in this abundant universe. We all have that special talent that has the ability to change our corners of the world- we just have to share this with others! 
small business americasmart blog post

I hope you've enjoyed reading both part 1 and part 2 of our tradeshow blog post series as this was a fun one to share with you! Even more so, I hope such messages/key-takeaways have somehow instilled a greater sense of belief in yourself! Let me know what was your favorite part from our trip and how you'll be sharing your abundant light in this world together!

P.S. I've also linked a list of our best sellers from our first market right here for you to shop around! :)



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