Dear 2021, Let's Do this! A New Year's Opening Chapter Blog for 2021

Moments of life where we evolve and grow are so so important to our brand, and with the new year opening up its new chapter upon the world, I feel it's ever beautiful and soothing for the heart to write a love letter to 2021. So, consider this blog post a welcoming letter from a heart that aspires nothing but goodness and shine for all this new year, and keep reading all the way to the bottom to contribute your 2021 letter in this post as well!

Dear 2021, here's a blog post defined by moments of love and goodness shared:

Well, if there's a few things that last year had reminded us, it's how necessary and important it is to find our everyday blessings, even from the simplest of things as having food in the refrigerator and the health of our loved ones. There's also the beautiful highlight of how adaptive we are as human beings and as a community, sharing goodness and kindness in the most creative, impactful ways. What's more,  we've learned to embrace even more what makes us all unique and own our moments of shine together! Reflecting upon all of this, it may seem as though many themes would be chosen to describe our wish for 2021. Yet, as I share this blog post, I keep leaning towards grace, gentleness, and shine as areas to focus, nurture and encourage with our sisterhood and the world at large. 


Why grace, gentleness and shine? Such words emit light and positivity, and after living through the craziness of last year, a daily growth of our own silver linings good vibes, and a great mindset are what we can all take more of and give more of from heart to heart. So, with this new year upon us, remember to allow yourself to smile a little more, laugh a little more, treat yourself a little more with what you LOVE doing, and take those calming deep breaths because you know how far you've come from last year and into this moment! This journey of ours is for a purpose, heck even many beautiful purposes, and this also includes to put yourself front and center in your own vision ahead. Craft your wondrous canva as how you imagine your journey to be and always, always, be graceful, gentle, and shine on, beautiful star! 


As for me, I definitely have a few big goals ahead to take our handmade jewelry business to an entirely new level. I've envisioned how these goals would make me feel, how it would make my community feel, while also staying open minded. For 2021, this dream-building journey will stay focused on both continuously inspiring you, while enjoying the ride! :)

Here's to creating our moments of shine, together! Let's do this, 2021!! 

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Have your top themes and/or word of the year chosen? Share them along in the comments below!!



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