Rockstar Spotlight of the month: Hear from the journey of a wondrous supporter and believer of PMD

December is already here and before we know it, we'll be setting forth our greatest and most powerful intentions for the new year! This particular month and season marks so many exciting milestones for our brand and community, one of which is our 1 year anniversary that we'll be forever pinching ourselves with enlightening gratitude.  Even more, we couldn't be any happier and oh-so delighted (sharing a cheek-to-cheek smile as we write this post in this moment) to share a heartwarming testimony of one of our brand rockstars since day 1- Denise! In the paragraph below, you'll learn of the core reason this fabulous star and soul believed in us and took that leap of faith to join our brand vision of uplifting one another to greater heights through meaningful and wondrous jewelry creations. We are honored to share this spotlight with you!


Denise PMD Story:

"It's been almost one year since I became a Project Moment Designs Super Fan! My first piece was the Classic Rock Crystal Bracelet which I wear all the time, along with or with other pieces from the line. Not only was I attracted to the Brand's message, but as a Nature Gal, I loved the combination of natural stones, glam crystals and Jessica's sense of fashion. Her pieces have meaning and style! Every season I look forward to something new to add to my collection."


We are beyond humbled and at awe, with not only Denise's love and support in what we do and stand for, but also for the opportunity we are able to pursue in helping all women unleash their inner star and create the life they've always imagined- with a touch of sparkly confidence and poise! 


To learn more about Denise's first purchase from us, click here and if you'd like to send us your testimony too, simply reply back to the comment form below!

Cheers to chasing dreams and moving mountains with confidence! 

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