Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

I can vividly recall the electric sound of Salsa music from my grandparents living room and all friends and family dancing their way into midnight of Christmas eve- that's how majority of our family's holidays were spent: under a warm roof in an apartment in Queens, NY with Colombians, Argentians, Brazilians...all together. Reflecting back, I'm SO honored and grateful to have been raised in such a melting pot of an environment with cultural roots from Colombia and Brasil from my parents. 

As we step into honoring National Hispanic Heritage month, I'd like to share with you a question that came about earlier this month and has ever since portrayed a clearer picture in my mind with how unapologetically proud I am to live out our lifestyle jewelry brand beaming with our Hispanic and Latinx energy! 

The vital question that was asked was:

"What does being a Hispanic Founder mean to you?"

In all fairness, this question will constantly be evolving as I continue to learn and love more of myself. Being a Hispanic Female Founder is truly a mosaic of steps taken to create a life worth living. From my grandparents leaving their home country and immigrating to the U.S. to my parents doing everything in their willpower to ensure I have all the opportunities to live the best possible future, the title of a Hispanic Female Founder is a force of nature that runs through my blood and into my vision of honoring such sacrifices from my family and carrying through with a resilient focus and determination to contribute towards the well-being of my family and a brighter future for our community. As we honor National Hispanic Heritage Month, I can't help but to smile as I see the common spirit that transcends across cities and dreams, and that's the beautiful nature of how Hispanics express such a profound passion in never giving up. 

To continue in amplifying the voices and courageous stories of our Hispanic communities, I've compiled a fun list to support fellow Hispanic Female Founders! Take a look below and Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!


Hispanic Women-Owned Businesses to Shop:

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