Celebrating 2 Years as A Small Business and Learning Lessons from Jessica

It's an incredible feeling to even come across the thought of our small business reaching its 2 year anniversary. I can remember the very moment when I had put that pen to paper and jotted down the ideas I had prior to launching Project Moment Designs, and it feels like it was yesterday! There's been many many happy moments as well as challenging ones, yet, looking back, I know this is where I am meant to be.

Keep reading below to hear on the reflections and learning lessons from me as I celebrate our 2nd year anniversary with the greatest community of supporters, YOU! 


What's to Learn from a 2-year Small Business Journey as an Entrepreneur:

It won't be easy, but it can happen. 

Before launching my small business, I spent majority of my free time (lunch breaks, commute trip, etc) listening to podcasts dedicated towards entrepreneurship and pursuing one's passion. The stories shared by many individuals always exhilarated me with how entirely different their tone of voice was after describing the journey after starting their own business. The excitement, happening, sense of pride and fulfillment all fueled towards my vision of starting something of my own and creating my own path of inspiration. Even though the truth is always talked about in regards to the difficulties of navigating the world as an entrepreneur, I've carried the strong belief that passion and persistence is the driving force to making it happen

These past 2 years have passed by so fast, similar to as dog years where there's been so much learning and growing within the early chapters of a small business. So, what can I say about the good and not so glowing moments of running a 2 year business? 

  • Your purpose and story will always connect and fortify the relationships with your customers, fans, and community. It's your why with what you offer and stand for that will set you apart and create that difference of inspiration and hope upon others.
  • Many times fear can be disguised as an opportunity of growth both personally and professionally. It's during such moments when the new decision that's to be made can present a growing opportunity. Take 2020 for instance, the global pandemic certainly struck a great sense of fear in my business as I had not a single clue how to move forward without in-person markets. This fear, though, led to taking a deep dive with online business and mentorship groups that then resulted in indescribable results of improvement. 
  • Never be afraid to ask for help. Your family, friends, network are all powerful groups to help you navigate new areas that seem unfamiliar.
  • Investing in mindset growth is vital for every area/stage in business. The source to creating momentum from your purpose comes back to our mindset and how healthy we practice positive, patient, graceful thoughts for ourselves. I've learned SO much and have to give thanks with my entire heart to my friend and business mentor, Nikita Williams, who's helped me set up a clearer and driven business journey this year.
  • If you put your mind to it and go for it, you can certainly surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. As crazy as 2020 has been, this year has been filled with grandeur moments where I still can't believe have happened such as our very first T.V. feature with Great Day Live Tampa Bay and my personal big goal since 2018, adopting a puppy!!! Of course, there's so much more that I'd share here, especially for all the new relationships fostered with such INCREDIBLE women around Tampa Bay and beyond! 

So, with this 2 year anniversary, this celebration is a HUGE CHEERS to YOU and the power of BELIEF!!! If I were to sum this all up, I'd reiterate to just go for it and be open to new possibilities as this can all lead to your grand vision! 

Keep believing, keep aiming for that dream as we all have a purpose that's meant to make this world a better place, starting with ourselves!


happy 2 year anniversary

 As pictured, my new puppy , Potter. :)



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