A Toast to The Rockstar Women in Our Life! A Mother's Day Blog Post!

She's a rockstar everyday, every moment, and with every word she speaks! For our small business, one that's mother and daughter owned, it's an intentional choice to celebrate our moms, stepmoms, sisters, mentors, teachers... all the rockstar women in our life! And for this Mother's Day, we've created a near and dear jewelry collection that serves to re-create those beautiful moments with you and your loved ones! 

Keep reading below to be a part of the wise lessons shared from my mom to me and catch our Mother's Day gift guide towards the bottom! 


From a mother to her little one: Mother's Wise Words Shared

If it's in your heart, then chase after it: not too long ago, I was sharing with my mom, pretty much everyday, on the stories I was learning about of fellow women in business and how fulfilling they feel. I asked my mom: "I don't know what to do." and she simply shared the simplest truth that forever changed my journey: "If' it's in your heart, then chase after it." This question for guidance is what had provided that extra momentum to get Project Moment Designs off the ground and running! So, whatever keeps poking you and is a part of your heart, listen to that signal and explore what can be!

Owning and stepping into your own worth is one of the most beautiful things a woman can do for herself: Wow, did this conversation with my mom leave me with goosebumps! Even to this day, I do question my self-worth and this probably is caused by the effects of Imposter Syndrome. No one is perfect or above anyone else, but what we can and ought to do is be our best version and allow ourselves to shine as we do so. This only has a inspirational effect for others to also want to be and step into our very best potential while owning it fearlessly!

We never know the day of tomorrow, so for today, be all you can be for yourself while helping others: My entire childhood was reflected by the selfless acts of love and care my parents showed and continue to show onto our family and others. From being a helping ear to a friend who needs to talk to buying a stranger's lunch, being of help and impact for others is rooted within me and our small business' core values. With every new day that awakens, there's growing opportunities for you and me to be there for others and truly show the goodness that does exist. It's true! The simplest acts of generosity and compassion goes a long way!

Do you also have words of wisdom/ moments that left you in awe with what was shared by the queens of your heart?? I'd love to hear all about it! Share them in the comments below and, remember, we all ought to celebrate this beautiful love from our mothers (and all the women who inspire us) everyday in however way we can, even through that surprise phone call! :)


Take a look below at some of our newest sparkles meant to light up her heart!

dainty-rose-gold-filled-necklaces-for-her dainty-pastel-gemstone-bracelet-mothers-day

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