A Shining PMD Star: Hannah

A Shining PMD Star: Hannah

A Shining PMD Star: Hannah

As we celebrate the last days of July, we are humbled to feature on our blog post a generous heart, enlightening soul who has included our brand story with her journey. Hannah has captivated our hearts with her can-do attitude and innate power of making the best of life!

Excited to learn a bit more about this rockstar? Keep reading below!


Rockstar Spotlight:

I like to think I've lived many fabulous lives!

I've been doing theatre since before I can remember, so maybe it's that flair for the dramatic or the play a different part, but I've been a musical theatre performer, a small business owner, a juice bar worker, a nanny, a segway tour guide, and finally I've come full circle and I work with children in theatre! In all of these lives, I've been lead by my heart- I LOVED doing all these things! When Jessica told me about the Shakespeare beads and manifesting love...I was sold! This was the bracelet I NEEDED! I love the care and stories that go into each gorgeous piece, and wearing it reminds me how I want to go out into the world. I can"t wait to add to my stack!

All we can say is WOW to Hannah's journey thus far with how she has allowed her heart to pave the way! High-five, Hannah! Keep spreading your light with your story!


To view Hannah's favorite PMD jewelry, take a look here!


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