5 Years of Dreaming Big with Jessica Santander

How can it be?! 5 years of dreaming big since I took one of the greatest leaps of faith that truly re-connected me to  my childhood passion. With our baby business anniversary taking place this day and amidst the holiday season, there's an endless array of colors of gratitude that shapes my heart as we've had the blessing and bountiful opportunities to create pieces of art that resonate so strongly with me as a designer and dreamer and with our purposeful mission of uplifting our story now thru the power of joy. A certain guarantee that is bound to take place as well behind each birthday anniversary is that of powerful learning lessons that I believe can speak to many hearts, not just for entrepreneurs. So, let's take a deep dive into the strongest 5 learning lessons and small business big wins that this past year has crafted for our sparkly jewelry community!

Jessica Santander Jewelry Designer Blog Post

1. If you're not failing, you're not dreaming big enough

Yes, let's start with a strong first pearls of wisdom within this blog post, shall we?! As we give a toast to a new fab 5 year birthday, I was reminded of this quote ironically recently during a Zoom call surrounded by fellow female founders. This quote hit me so hard as, yes, the hardships and challenges of entrepreneurship and even with creating a life you love so dearly can also serve as that token of truth that you are NOT failing but rather going after what you dream of so passionately and not limiting yourself from what can be. Dreaming big requires those learning moments to grow and get your skin in the game so you can then ultimately be 300% confident in the opportunities you are crafting and with your vision. One of our dream big moments this past year was our participation at NYNOW tradeshow. Ask me how we did it and I'd say at first I have no clue but we had to dream big enough to get there and it landed us some amazing new retailers and a speaking opportunity on Luxury Fashion and Sustainability!      Let's re-shape the narrative of failing and translate it into conversations of growth and self-discovery.


2. It's ok to change course from time to time

As we can all agree from the pandemic, pivoting is an entirely ok thing to do and one area our jewelry brand has experienced several times since then. Yes, change is always constant, but let's also remember that through the different courses we take on in our journey, such chapters are a wondrous part to discovering more who we are and developing an even more loving relationship with ourselves. Afterall, who wants to be the same always and as everybody else, right?! We can allude to the fact with the beauty in all of this as our collections itself has been evolving throughout these past 5 years to speak and radiate an even more whimsical, girly, and fashion-forward aesthetic. 


3. You have to ask for what you need, who else will do that for you?

Ever since reading Rebecca Minkoff's book, Fearless, this phrase has been a part of my daily affirmation. There's a mixture of courage with vulnerability and self-love all intertwined together with this reminder and I love how it pushes our mindset to step out of the comfort zone in effort to bring those goals and vision plan into actions. This has led us to having inspiring conversations with many amazing women!


4. Don't forget to live out some adventures of rest too

As the face behind the brand, it can certainly be easy to forget to put business matters aside and relax. And it's not something to feel guilty about, but to the contrary, proud of with the strong passion that exists behind that vision. Even amidst a perfectly imperfect routine, there will always be that opportunity in your day to simply enjoy and let rest take place. After going through 2 stye eye surgeries this year, I was kind of forced to rest for a few days and though, at first, it annoyed me, the rest and recharge was much needed. 


5. Stand tall in joy for yourself 

The world is a vast vast space and one where the temptation to comparison can easily be a trap to fall into. Trust me, I've experienced it many many times and it's a feeling that goes back to the reminder of letting go of that fear and simply be free in your own artistic light. With the new day comes that new door to walk into and explore how much more you can love yourself and enrich your story so vibrantly that others feel that radiance inspire them too. Stand tall in your joy, dream even bigger, and don't forget to nurture your inner compass with self-confidence. 

Here's to an INCREDIBLE 5 years to our Jessica Santander community that will sparkle with abundant celebrations to inspire our hearts and say "YES" to dreaming big! 

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