3 Ways to Adapt and Thrive with Joy

A deep breath in representing our strength, and a calm breath out for the new day.

Here we are with a new month of April, an entirely new chapter for life itself to begin again, only this time, to start over with a clear conscious of novel creativity. As we welcome this month with open arms, our Project Moment Designs jewelry community places much emphasis in the area of creative faith and a flourishing mindset. Even from such recent (challenging) events, there is a silver lining in the uncertainty that can serve as that one change to bring out the best in us and in our goals. Yes, change is constant, however, if there’s anything even more certain, it’s the very beauty of how adaptable we all are with life and time.

Below, we’ve put together a few of our favorite (and new) ways we’ve seen has helped our dream-building community and family adapt and thrive with joy in this moment!


  1. Pause and take a moment for yourself: amidst day-to-day routines and schedules, it’s always imperative to take a step back and be still for yourself, and even more so when change hits us hard. When life events occur abruptly, this moment can truly be asking of us to pause in the present and clear up our conscious. Whether that may include re-visiting your weekly, monthly, or yearly goals or lighting up a candle and focusing on the stillness, it’s a good and nourishing way to renew our mindset and seek novel ways to move forward.
  2. Envision yourself as a beautiful work in progress as how a butterfly awaits its new chance to grow, evolve and transform: There’s an indescribable sensation that stems from the magic of continued belief, passionate focus and faith. Allow yourself to keep whatever it is that you hope for close to your heart as this very decision can be your powerful guiding light for your next footsteps.
  3. Create your positive moment story and lead from this energy: Have you noticed how in a split of second a smile from your heart nurtures a warming sensation from within? Or even how a shared moment with family, friends creates its very own joy-filled memory? It’s in these times that life can very well be sharing with us the present blessings we have here and now and how such cherished moments speak to our creative visualization (our hopes and dreams painted with joy and gratitude). In fact, this is how our creative faith led to our jewelry brand sharing a new collaborative customized bracelet with you all- the My Positive Moment Bracelet. The essence here is for us all to embrace life’s messages and forever radiate positivity from one family to another, from one community to another and from one story to another. Lead and live from your creative visualization there’s an entire universe cheering you on!


How have you embraced a renewed way to adapt and thrive with joy? We’d love to learn and hear from you as well! Leave us a comment with your thoughts so we may also share along with our community!


P.S. For more of our Adapt and Thrive with Joy messaging, visit our mood board here and re-pin your favorite pin(s) onto yours!

Cheers rockstars!

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